One year older isnt always fun..

Today is my birthday, im 3 hours into it and im almost at 30 years old which makes me want to vomit really. Im too old and im not ready for the responsibilities for it.

Ive no idea what a 30 year old is suppose to do i guess i know what i should be doing but life hasnt worked out “perfect” for me really.

I feel like im 20 but i aint, its kinda weird my best friends all seem to have the things you would expect at that age; girlfriend,car,good job,house.

I was hpoing that it would be an “ordindary day” but my mom decided to get me a present which turned out to be aftershave which was great. My 2 sisters gave me money and my cat well he apparently wrote a card
all by himself.

So i guess all in all its nice to know that people care, i think one of the things about birthdays is you kinda want to forget your age and its a shame that everyone else doesnt want to help with that.

Best love song ever?

Not being in love is one of the few things in life that ive not yet experienced. Sure ive had crushes on girls when i was in school but ive never been able to meet a girl and well fall in love. Being in love is easy, getting the other person to feel the same way is the hard part.

A few months ago i watched the irish film called “Once” with the leader singer of “The Frames” Glen hansard in the starring role as a struggling muscian trying to record some songs. Now the strange thing is i never knew about this film until i was looking at youtube for videos on the irish bad “The Frames”. The title song has already won an Oscar and rightly so, its such an inredable song full of emotion and makes you feel alive when you listen to it.

I think it must be one of the best love songs ever written for the simply fact that that its about falling in love with somebody you dont quite know fully.

I urge anyone to watch the movie and even if your a “cold hearted miserable b’ard” like me you will love it. Sure its not a movie for everyone but it sure made me watch it from start to finish.