The Age of Conan-“im Quiting Post”

I m just posting this before funcom delete or lock my post on why im leaving AoC;

i know most wont give a toss but i feel after 3 months id like to say that AoC has been such a dispointment.

I quit wow for this and im not going back. Maybe for WOTLK just maybe. I hate WoW, ive a few level 70s and since AoC and War ive been looking for anew MMORPG to fill the gap of being bored with WoW.

WAR launches soon and if thats another Aoc then so be it. MMO’s are not for me anymore.

One of things Wow has that AoC doest and never will is the “social” aspect. WoW has such a great social atmosphere that Aoc will never have at the moment. There is not ONE person from my WoW guild that stuck with AoC. Most ran off after the first month. I stuck around to see what this “PVP patch ” would do and the “Direct x 10 patch” but my wait is over i cant wait anymore for a game to pull its socks up. Maybe im getting too old for this type of game, maybe my younger sister would enjoying this type of game but ive had enough.

Sure i didnt expect it working 100% perfect on launch but the things that were promised vs delivered are so out of sync that this game seems nothing more than a big con.

The back of the Box says “Direct x 10 enchanced features”.

+The bugged quests.
+The OOM errors.
+The Poor Technical support(when launched, its got better know)
+Rubbish Forum Feedback
+Patches released and then a “hot fix” for them more down time
+Lack of confidence in Funcoms Direction with patches
+Expensive sub fee.
+Lack of players online.
+no server migration

If EA were in charge of this game people would have left a whole lot earlier. Fell free to flame me and of course admins will lock this thread but im just saying that enough is enough.

The Guy who is “Director” of this game should be fired he has failed to community of AoC and this game is going downhill since about 2 months ago.

Anyone who stays with this game i hope you ahve fun and enjoy it. I had fun till i got to level80 on a PVE server with my Assassin then i tried PVP but getting ganked by players 10-30 levels highers is not fun. And the “PVP Patch” is still not out.

Farewall folks;
Candytopps-PVE Crom-EU