Age of Conan-Stabilty Problems

Just when i was getting into the game and liking it and heck even leveling fast now im getting constant problems with the game. Stabilty must be the number one priority in any game or program but since the last patch in AoC (16th june) ive noticed more crashes than before with the game.

Ive tried running the game on Windowx XP SP3 and Vista 32 SP1 (default OS) but two problems remain;

  • “Grey Map Bug”
  • “Out Memory Error”
  • Game crashes on loading new zone, hangs on “updating Content”

Ive been checking the forums for a fix and tried a few suggestions out and ill link them later. From reading the forums alot of people have the same problems with the game and thats not to mention the bugs which to the most part i havnt really noticed or have been effected by too much well apart from the “Hide” Ability of the “Assassin” which is about as random as rolling a dice.