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Judgement Day for Liverpool

liverpool-fc-crestTonight Liverpool face Lyon in a win or nothing match that they must win. The pressure on Benitez is huge if dont win they face the end of not only their season but the Benitez era. With injury problems and a strong Lyon side its will be a diffucult match.

With even that great win over Man Utd which has been forgotton in the wake of two deateats to fulham and arsenal liverpool must up the anty and pool a major performance out of the bag.

As a liverpool fan i sure hope they can do it and that its the end of their season manager.

FIFA 10: Horrible graphics but also playable on aged PCs

fifa11Interesting article on EA didnt bother to update the PC version’s graphics this time around.
Every fall, the gaming market is hit with updated versions of the football classics FIFA and PES. Since FIFA 10 will be released about three weeks earlier than PES 2010 it has to pass our graphics and performance test first.
EA presents its annual update of the popular football game FIFA 10. It has already been known that the PC version of FIFA 10 will have the same graphics as FIFA 09 whereas the console version gets visually updated. EA justifies this step with the unbalanced performances of different PCs. This statement in mind we cannot expect worldshaking graphics. How FIFA looks like and on which PCs FIFA 10 is playable will be shown below.

The two Best Posters on Youtube?

youtube200wFor many weeks ive been thinking about who are my favorite people to visit on youtube, now im not a youtube addict but one guy on there well two have made me keep checking my subcriptions videos to see if they have added a new video recently and theres only one winner here and its only cause i just die laughing each time at his videos.

I feel like crap for saying this because the other “poster” was somebody i was following for a lot longer. Ive no idea what weird search on youtube lead me to either of these two dudes but heck im glad my brain did.

Before you even mention that complete fucktard “Fred”, im sorry thats not funny at all, at my age, at your age, heck at any age. If you ever meet this YT’er please do to him, wellever you see fit.

Anyways the two best posters in my opinion are;

1) Ray William Johnson
this guys is brilliant he starts out by showing a viral video, you know one of those videos that goes around the web thats usually of somebody falling or doing something stupid and he just makes funny observations on it simple and as funny as that.

2) SxePhil
Almost the same idea as above with a bit more focus on current events and news stories while just about the same amount of funny observations.

Still want that Chicken Burger

Im not a vegetarian but after watching this..this video shows the horiffic cruelty that chicks go through in a Poultry farm;

Some ninja members of Mercy for Animals “infiltrated” poultry farm Hy-Line North America, in Iowa, and videoed how male chicks — deemed less profitable than females — are systematically killed a few minutes after hatching by putting them on a conveyor belt that tosses them down a meat grinder, alive. Yes, that would be 150,000 male chicks a day. And that’s just for one company.

Src: skirmisher.org

Youtube Video:

Eve Online – Hardest MMORPG ever?

eveonlineRecently ive been trying Eve online in the hope to find a new MMO thats actually different from Wow,WAR and that other one A.O.C. The game is basically you build yourself a spaceship and then you go mining,trading or PVP’ing. Sounds interesting well it sorta is until you figure out that the game basically involves long journeys to other systems and a huge learning curve unlike no other game.

Forget how Wow leads you along the way teaching you slowly how the game works with Eve it feels like you need a degree in science or spaceships to figure out how the hell to fit your ship out. The learning curve is so massive compared to Wow that its just baffling. Eve is hardcore no easy mode here, your ships gets destroyed you lose it and get “podded”.

Maybe thats a bit harsh but the game is dull to be honest and very slow. Most of the time in the game is spent staring at the fitting out screen in wonder how the hell am i going to make this fracking ship fly.

Heres a graph of how Eve compares to other MMO’s of course is a joke but its fuuny and not far from the truth.


Firefox – Must Have Addons

firefox_I love Firefox, the new 3.5 version is much better than previous ones as its much faster with less crashing. Firefox is great because its the only Web Browser i know that says “hey, view thew web your way and dont take no pop-ups or allow any addons to install with asking me first”. But yet still people use IE, im not saying IE ias bad recent versions have come a long way but i still dont trust Microsofts Internet Explorer.

The horror stories where people have lost there World of Warcraft Accounts,Steam Accounts etc are usually down to Internert Explorer and No FireWall and Anti-Virus Software.

So here im listing some of the addons/Extensions i uses with Firefox.


1) AddBlock Plus
Blocks annoying adverts,pop-ups etc.

Blocks Dangerous scripts from running on websites that could potentially damage your PC.

For General Use:

1)Realplayer Browser Record Plugin
For easy Downloading of Youtube Videos. Plus the new RealplayerSP allows you to conver your downloaded videos to your Ipod.PSP,Phone and more.

2) Google Toolbar
For quick links to Gmail and other Google Features.

For quick downloading of Files great for use with GetRight.

4)Scribe Fire:
For quick easy access to posting on your Blog.

This would be number one only yhat it doesnt seem to wrk well for me and just crashes firefox. It keeps a backup of your Bookmarks on the XMarks server.