Month: December 2008

Song of the year?- The Killers-Human

I hate to single out one song in a whole year but since i heard this song a week a go in my sisters place in dublin along with that new “Girls Aloud” song theyve been in my head ever since.  But the Killers song is just awesome and its like they made another “Mr Brightside” all over again. The song from there new album “Day & Night” is just awesome, “Human”.

WOTLK-More of the same, with a few new quests and level 80

Its over a month now since WOTLK launched and ive seen just about everything there is to bar the Raid Boss encounters and ive come to the conclusion that its just more of the same with a few new quests. Bare in mind that i play a lot of WoW and ive 8 level 70’s, yeah thats a bad sign of addiction i guess which ive beaten. But i just dont get the whole level 80 thing, i put a lot of time and effort into the last expansion TBC with my main warlock toon and my 7 alts and now im expected to do some of that all over again? Im sorry but its not good enough that Blizzard raise the bar again with another level cap and more quests and more gear. I dont want to do that all over again. I guess my problem is that i may have too many alts and i dont know what one to be my main or it could be that im just sick of the same crap Blizzard spew out each time.

My Guild was kind enough to give me a chance to raid in 25 man Naxx a few weeks a go and it despite my rogue being a sorta of Alt/Main with Epic Level 70 T4 gear and PVP S2 Weapons i was bottom on DPS. I didnt expect to be top but the humilation of being bottom was enough for to make me quit raiding once again. I didnt have the level of gear the rest of the raid had like Tier 5-6 and Sunwell Plateau gear but i got the idea of the Boss fight quickly but that doesnt matter if your “DPS” isnt in-line with everyone elses which really is why i hate WoW raiding.

I wanted to be a Healer in WOTLK and i respecced to Holy with my priest from the start and i did at least 9-10 runs of “The Nexus” and “U.K”. I healed quite well with no wipes being my fault until i tried to Heal “Azol-Nerub” in “Dragonlight” where i just couldnt heal the group at the 2nd/3rd boss, and dam did we try. But in the end it felt like it was my fault, if i remember right we had at least 3 melee including tank which made things very hard to heal. So i respecced to shadow and leveled solo till 80 where i just dont know what to do yet again. The leveling of tailoring seems very difficult which is my only hope and the only hope that a “casual player” can get the gear they need to be useful in raids without the crazy timesink.

Im writing this post after thinking about it for a few weeks and because i got rejected from a “PUG Heroic” for being “UnderGeared” which has made me so angry i cant explain it.

21.5% VAT increase? Rip of Ireland

As of the 1st December VAT has gone up by 0.5 %. I was disgusted by this increase and i never knew nor heard about. As if the economy and cost of living in ireland isnt bloody well high enough the government go and increase the VAT.  This of course means that the cost of everything has gone up in a country that is bloody well expensive already.  A few months ago the cost of Alcohol was increased along with cigarettes.

Irish rail Rip Off:
Last week in went to dublin to visit my sister and was kinda shocked at the prices. A 5-day return ticket from dundalk to dublin costed €25 while thats expensive its nothing compared to how much a one way ticket from dublin to dundalk costed a whopping €19.50!

Pizza Hut Rip Off:
A visit to Pizza hut in dundrum in dublin should have had great food at reasonable prices. Two single pizzas costed €10 each plus €2.25 for a Pepsi and €5 euro each for two starters plus another €5 for a Bulmers.  Anyway the whole meal came to a totaly disgraceful amount of €40. I wouldnt mind if the meal was good but it wasnt it was very average compared with the price of a Dominos pizza and meal for around €25