– Online Dating Website and its Crazy Message Board Rules

I recently joined a dating website and while the site has a lot of members and a good track record of couples i just dont like the rules on the site. The message board is the worst message board service ive ever seen there are like Nazis really with all there rules;

  • No Gossip please – Publicly discussing or referencing other members is prohibited.
  • Think ‘Appropriate’ – No overtly sexual, voilent, insulting, racist or argumentative postings.
  • Spamming or selling is not allowed.
  • Posting messages for others or advertising your personal profile is prohibited.
  • Insulting postings regarding public companies will be considered as libilous.
  • Discussing the operation & admin policy of is prohibited.

Crazy rules:
Now i can understand the first 3 rules but the last one “Discussing the operation & admin policy of is prohibited.” is just crazy. You are not allowed to critise the site in anyway no thats what i call freedom of speech. You cant make suggestions about the site or say anything bad about it, your post simply wont appear.

Poor Profile:
There a few things on the site that i dislike the profile is just not good enough there isnt enough information there about somebody really. You need to know as much as possable about a person before you make contact even if its the small silly things like;

  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Actor
  • Favorite Bands, Albums
  • Last Movie you seen

The site seems more concerned about somebodys “star sign” that their personality. With many options about star-signs appearing. Who gives a monkeys about somebodys star-sign.

Worst Message Board Ever:
The Message board is the worst ive ever seen. I tried to make a post about the site and the things i dislike and it was never displayed on the site not only this but to send a message on the message board seems to take 10mins! I mean what the hell and to top it all and this is the worst when you click on a topic being discussed on the message board it takes you to the last page instead of the first! So you have no idea what the original poster of the topic’s question was unless you go all the way back to the first post. To make matters worse the text on the website is very small i know you increase the text size in your web browser but even so.

Virus Removal – And Free Online Virus Scans

My Avast! found “Win32:Tibia-BU [Trj]” in the lsass.exe which is a Trojan Horse virus while today i was using my PC and i started up my Anti-Virus “Avast 4.8 Home Edition” which is a great Free Anti-Virus package. Anyway when it started up it informed me that i had a virus which was surprising to me because i keep my PC Updated and im careful with what i download. Anyway alarms bells went off and i let the Anti-Virus Program delete the file that was infected.

So of course i had to run a full scan which took over 4 hours to finish. No other serious viruses were found however most of the reported viruses were from “Dodgy Software” i downloaded.

Online Virus Scans:
I wanted to be 200% sure that were no viruses so i went looking for an online virus scan website that would tell me if i had more nasty viruses.

Trend Micro:
Was the first online scan i tried and getting it to work was difficult and when it did work it gave strange results im going to run the scan again as im not sure if said i had more viruses or just that used it incorrectly.

Norton Online Virus Scan:
The Most popular anti-virus i would guess and so downloaded the installtion file and after 2 mins the viruses definitions were updated. I did a full scan so everyfile on my PC would be scanned and its very slow and seems to be slowing down my PC a good bit as it works away. However it has found a lot of viruses but most again are from “Dodgy Software” “Cracks,Keygens” etc.

Other Online Virus Scan Sites:

Jottis Malware Scan
ESET Online Scanner

Fallout 3 Crashes all the Time – Solution

Fallout 3 is a great game but it can suffer very badly from crashes if you installed any codec packs. I recently bought the DLC pack “Operation Anchorage” and the game crashed all the time on me and was unplayable. This happened in the Orignal game as well but it wasnt as bad. Anyway after some searching i found this tip on a forum that has solved the problem for me;

Fallout 3 does seem to have a conflict with FFDShow codecs. You have to
either uninstall them from your system or add fallout3.exe to FFDShow
audio and video decoders exceptions list. Although you may not know it,
FFDShow codecs may be present on your system if you have installed
codec packs such as CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack).

How to add Fallout 3 to FFDShow decoder exceptions list

1. Launch the ffdshow video decoder configuration window. You may
access this through the start menu. If you have installed any codec
packs, check the start menu entries of those. If you can�t find it on
the start menu, right click the ffdshow video decoder (red) icon that
appears on the taskbar when a supported video file is playing, and
select �ffdshow video decoder� option from the menu. ffdshow_icon

2. Tick the �Dont use ffdshow in� checkbox if not already checked

3. Press the edit button that is next to the text field. A new dialog
box will pop up. Press the Add button. The �Add incompatible executable
file� dialog box will be displayed. Browse to the Fallout 3
installation directory and locate fallout3.exe file. Select it and
press open. Close all dialog boxes currently open by pressing ok.

(OR you can simply type fallout3.exe at the end of the text field next to �Dont use ffdshow in� checkbox)

4. Repeat steps 2-3 in ffdshow audio decoder configuration (the blue
icon in taskbar) window as well. It is important that you add
fallout3.exe to both ffdshow audio and video decoder�s expections list.



I read a very interesting article the other day in the Sunday Independant’s magazine about Bono and how the irish public see him as some sort of sacred cow. It got me thinking about “Bono” or “Bonio” as my old irish teacher insisted on calling him and how much of hypocriate he is. Now i repsect “Bono” for the work he tries to do as he uses his “starpower” to influence politicians to get stuff done but… Theres always a “but” and here its while he does what he does, he keeps U2’s investment company over in holland avoiding having to pay taxes to the irish economey.  Dont believe me read it here;

U2 move their rock empire out of Ireland

Now if you think about this its some state of affairs really considering how bad not only the world economy and irish economy are doing. Its like going round the country on your “Soap Box” and yelling to the citizens to “come drop money in my hat for the poor” while keeping your own wallet tightly shut. thats not to say U2 havnt done anything for the poor but moving your company so you can avoid to pay taxes while im sure its very “Rock and Roll” its a real insult. Thats not to say if anyone was in the same shoes would you do the same? One of the things about being rich ive noticed is that the more people get, the more they want the tighter and meaner they become.

Im sure Bono will re-appear quite soon to promote U2’s new album and will cry if and when it gets “leaked” online before the realise date. Now i like U2 im not a “die-hard-fan” but theyve written some of the best songs over the past many years. Im not sure what to make of the new single at first i hated it now i hate it less but it still didnt impress me. The “Joshua Tree” is a great album what this album is new like i dont really care ive no interest in it.