Month: July 2009

Anno 1404-A superb Game

anno1404titleIts not often that a game comes along and grabs you by the balls and keeps you entertained for more than 20 minutes but thats exactly what Anno 1404 does. Its quite simply a must have PC Strategy game which some amazing graphics and is so enjoyable you will get lost playing it, and thats a good thing.

The game puts you in charge of building a small colony and works it way up. Now the thing about this game that i loved that it was so easy to get started into, i started straight into the campaign and the game teaches yous lowly how everything works. The game features various characters that ask you do to certain tasks or quests that range from building, getting supplies or finding spies.

The building are wonderfully detailed and the sea just looks amazing.  I remember a few days ago i was losing gold in the game and going into debt big time, but i realised that id have to build up some peasant houses and meet there needs and tax the ass out of them of course to this succesfully meant building a cider orchard and lots of Taverns. The game narrows down peasants needs to getting drunk and having a chuirch to go to which made me laugh.  The game has sea-battles as you can build your own shipyard,trading routes.

This one of the best games ive ever played and id recommend it to anyone. Its a total joy to play and keeps busy all the way.

Official Website:

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Rating: 9/10


Best of the Worst #1: Donald Moore

A few years ago i was reading a local paper thats free around town or maybe it was the sun, im not sure but an advert left me stunned, shocked and in stiches laughing. You see this advert was about a man called “Donald Moore”. Now if the photo doesnt scare yeah what he claims to do will shock you. This guy calls himself a “Miracle Healer” in the same fashion to Jesus i imagine. According to his advert Donald Moore can cure every disease,problem and condition known to man except A.I.D.s. Now why he stopped at Aids i dont know but he can even cure your Pet from any problems they have, According to his website he charges a whopping 300 euro for one hour session. A small price to pay for a man that cure anything but Aids.

Have a read at the advert for this guy and see if he can cure you!
donald more advert_600

eircom problems reveal eircom possably hacked

eircomIrelands largest ISP Eircom have been having some serious problems over the last few days resulting in users been sent to bogus/fake sites where possable spyware or malware could have been installed. It all started for me on sunday evening when it looked like my broadband connection had gone down as all webpages failed to load.  However i found out that it was only the webpage part of the broadband connection that had gone down and not the entire line or network by noticed that i could games online with Valves Steam.

After some frustrating few says i searched for a possable cause as it seemed very strange that the web had gone down but not the connection. It turns out that it Was a DNS (the computers that transalte into an IP Address) problem eith eircoms servers and further searching revealed that they had been hacked with loads of people posting the same problems on the messageboards;

Eircom DSL – DNS Lookups Slow

The solution was to change the DNS server settings in your router configuration menu to those provided by which are;

Sources for the Article:

Possible DNS Hack at Ireland’s Largest ISP

Eircom DNS Servers Compromised?

Eircoms response;

Update: Eircom has released an official announcement confirming the DNS problems. “Customers may have recently experienced delays in web browsing and may have been unable to access the Internet. In some cases, customers may have been redirected to incorrect websites,” it reads.

As far as details go, they remain scarce, the ISP only noting that, “This issue has been caused by an unusual and irregular volume of internet traffic being directed onto our network, and this impacted the systems and servers that provide access to the Internet for our customers.” It is yet unclear if this refers to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, or something else.