IPhone and ITouch App Development

Iphone and the ITouch are really coming out with great idea via the “Apps” available on the ITunes store. As soon as i got my iTouch i wonder hwo could i get making some Apps and unfortunely learned its not as easy i had hoped. Bascially it seems you need a Mac, ive asked afew people about this and this seems to be the case but there does seem to be hope.

I havent tried to get started as it seem way too complecated and messy. Ive heard that the next Version of Flash will have tools for Iphone development lets bloody hope so.

Heres a few sites ive found that try to help you get started;

How To Develop iPhone Apps on Windows

Install Snow Leopard on AMD PC, Laptop

Full credit to taranfx.com

Wow: Building a Rogue

I first started WOTLK with the aim of changing classes from warlock to rogue. I started leveling my rogue first and got my first and last raid in Naxx 25. I was last on the DPS meters and packed it in, not just the rogue class but raiding and the lock class and i quit wow for a few months. Then i played on another realm with my priest when dual spec hit and was both a Damage maker and healer in a small casual guild. It was good fun but after a while the guild fell apart after people started to leave to join better raid guilds and then i quit wow for about a year.

Since i returned in december Blizzard (account got hacked stuff returned) have done alot to make gearing up a bit easier (i must note specially for casualy players like myself).

From the weekly raid and daily random dungeon you can collect badges if your dedicated enough.  Recently i took the task on of trying to gear up my rogue and its not been easy.

Starting out is the worst and seeing your damage at the bottom of the damage meter is at times very humiliating and very off-putting. So to avoid this i went the PVP route and used all my Stone shards to buy PVP gear so i eventually had the full PVP set. Of course this isnt much good for Dungeons but it was a good start.  I then started random heroics and have had no hassle from anyone about my damage even though it wasnt good or at least didnt look like it was right for the gear i had.

I started out as subtlety spec as i only used to PVP with my rogue and well my DPS was rubbish

Im still working on on it and well as they say, things can only get better.

Rogue Guides:

Here are some of the great guides ive found and been reading as i try to  improve my rogue. My goal here to try and get DPS to where it should for the gear i have.

Rogue Rotation:

Weapon Enchants:

Newbie Rogue WOTLK:


Wow Popular:Gems (find out what Gems others are using)

Gem Guide:

I Tunes 9.0.3: New I-Tunes Update Screwed my Music Library?

I loaded up I-Tunes and updated it to  the lastet version (9.03) and when it updated everything, my music library was gone all the playlists i made as well. What the hell kinda shit is this? I detest I-Tunes its far too restrictive and screws the consumer when you buy music.

How the hell do i get my library back, now ill probably have to wipe my I-Pod and start again thanks a fucking lot apple.


Luckily i backed up my PC yesterday with “Symantic Backup Exec System Recovery 2010” which is very useful for keeping a backup of your PC. So i had to copy the old I-Tunes Library File from a few days ago over and its all working now.

Songs that make you feel good: The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition”

There are times when you hear a song and you go “wow, this is awesome fuck whos this band?..” etc. I just turned on the TV 30 mins ago and caught a video that looked cool and then the song was awesome too.

Not knowing who the hell teh band or song was called i was determined to find the song and video and luckly i recognised the lead singer from a picture on the 2fm website.

This song is awesome and the video is cool as well check it out.

Youtube Link