Eircom – enacts three strikes rule

In case youve been living in a cave for the last few days, Eircom irelands largest ISP is now looking for people to disconnect from its service. According to the details a third part compnay called “dTechnet” will be watching downloads of music on popular Peer to Peer Networks like Limewire and Torrents. They will then give those IP addresses to Eircom who will then give you 3 warnings to stop and then they will cut you off. AT which point Eircom will have lost a customer. If Ever a plan to stop Piracy seemed a bit mad then this is surely one of them.

How many people are going to stay with Eircom with kinda crap going on? Any compnay that restricts your internet access is just the same as the chinese government in my book.

You can read more about on the boards.ie forum;


Music: Making Dance Music

Ive always loved music and Trance/Dance music is my favorite genre of music because it can just make you feel great sometimes. Ever since i first heard songs like;

  • Moby – Go
  • Paul van Dyk – for an Angel
  • Des Mitchel – Welcome to the dance

Ive always wanted to make my own songs, these days its possable thanks to the huge range of software out there such as Ableton Live,Pro Tools,FL Loops,Reason and more. So ive started looking into how you make and arrange a Trance song. Its not as easy as it sounds as theres quite a bit of work and effort involved its true that with the powerful range of DAW’s (Digital Audio Work Stations) out there its a task made slighly easier.

How to make a Trance Tune: A Collection of links ive found to help;

  1. Understanding Basic Trance Structure
  2. How to Make Trance Music
  3. Trance Song Structure: How Is A Typical Trance Song Built ? How Does It Progress ?

10 Must have IPhone & ITouch Apps

There are some really awesome Iphone apps out there, while i only have the iTouch i still love some the great apps you can get out there. I mostly only get FREE apps as paid apps dont appeal to me unless there really special. So here ive listed some of the apps ive found that are well worth having.

  1. Air-Video: Free/Paid:
    Probably the best app ive found so far apart from Documents 2, it lets you stream videos from yourPC to your IPhone/Itouch. It even has the option of streaming them over the internet. Another App thats well worth buying.
  2. Documents 2 FREE/Paid:
    This app is awesome, you can upload any document to your iphone and read it in this app from PDF’s to anything. Best of all you can upload them from your PC Via FTP. There is a paid version of this app which really is worth getting.
  3. TouchCalc FREE:
    Its a FREE superb calculator,  its has every feature and function you need. Its your pocket scientific calculator.
  4. eBuddy FREE:
    Allows you to use MSN,Google,Facebook,Yahoo and more to chat.
  5. Facebook FREE:
    Great app for using Facebook on your Iphone.
  6. WattPad FREE:
    Free Online books
  7. Translator FREE:
    A Simple app that does what it says, translate from ahuge list of languages easily.
  8. Twitterfific FREE:
    Use twitter on your IPhone.
  9. Google Free:
    Use all the features of Google on your iPhone
  10. Solitaire Free:
    Yes its a game but its Free and a dam good way to kill time.

Apple vs Adobe and Jailbreaking your Iphone,iTouch or iPad

It seems the whole Adobe vs Apple saga is still on-going. Ive been reading about it and its fascinating to read. Each side has there own point of view and its hard to understand why Apple are being so restrictive.

Having heard a few months ago that Adobe Flash CS5 would allow you to export your flash application as an IPhone App and then having apple give a big two-finger salute to Adobe which is devasting for anyone on windows hoping to make an iphone app or even learn. This was the only way for a windows user to make an IPhone app and since then apple and steve jobs have been trying to steady the flow of angry developers and users.

Adobes Letter to Apple;

Steve Jobs ,Apple CEO’s Letter:

Anyway heres some interesting Apple links;

Why you should Jailbreak your apple:

How to Jailbreak your iphone:

Steve Jobs Offers World ‘Freedom From Porn’

Wow phishing email Fail..

Using Google Mail has a tonne of advantages one being that it filters all the spam you get sent. Now i just looked in my spam folder and found this email claiming to be from Blizzard. But Gmail is so smart it detected it as spam and binned it. But the email is kinda funny as its the worst attempt at phising ive seen in a while;

Dear World of Warcraft fans, because your server is there a large number of illegal transactions, and other server players were a large number complaints to your account. The
To World of Warcraft, we conducted a detailed analysis and review. After this analysis, we draw preliminary conclusions: Your account has been participating

too many the illegal transactions, we will permanently ban your account. At this moment we are to understand your feelings, if you have any questions please visit
[fake site removed]
Blizzard of fraud and abuse department

Theres load of these phishing emails flying around so be carefull what you do when you see one.