I-Tunes – Irish music Madness

Today i went on a downloading spree on I-Tunes (which i hate) and i bought a load of albums. Mainy Irish bands from the 1990s. And it kinda blew me away how much great irish bands there is and was back a few years ago. Bands such as “Something happens”, “The Stunning”,”the Frames”, “Frank and Walters”, “Aslan”,”the Saw doctors”,”Whipping Boy”. Some of their songs id forgotten all about until today.

One of the things that i hate about I-Tunes is;

1) it wont let you preview a song
2) The songs you get are .M4p (Mpeg 4 Protected Files) so you cant uses them on any other device than your I-Pod. (i mean how fucked up is that?)

Ive added some of the great songs by these bands to my video blog site at;