DJ Tiesto – Elements of Life, Awesomeness

A few weeks ago i posted on my WoW guilds site in the shoutbox “Paul van Dyke” is God. At the time i was well a bit drunk but in the believe that “PVD” was the best at making “trance music”. Another guild member said “DJ Tiesto” was the best and while in all the years since Paul van Dyk was making great tunes i had refused to even listen to another DJ little did i know what i was missing out on.

I decided 2 weeks ago to see what “DJ Tiesto” tunes i could get and how they sounded and i was just blown away. I got hold of “Dj Tiesto’s” “Elements of Life ” 2007 Album well it was the remix album and it is tottaly amazing its just fantastic.

The songs on this album are just out of this world the “Faithless” remix with “Maxi Jazz” and “dance for life”is just amazing. Every song is just crafted as to blow your mind. Yes im a bit tipsy as i write this but DJ Tiesto is my new Favorite DJ.