Graphics Cards, Crysis and The Evolution of 3d Cards

About a week ago i decided to get a new graphics card for the sake of the game “Crysis” which is visually stunning but needs some serious computer Power to look its best. Its only a year ago since i got my Last graphics card which was a “Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 640”. While perfectly fine it was struggling with the Game “Crysis” and “Age of Conan”.

Previous to that Card i had an ATI 1950 XT, ATi x800,Geforce 6600, Nvidia Geforce “something”.

I can remember is the very first 3D Card i bought was a 3DFX Voodoo2 12mb card way back in 1998. It cost me £200 which was a fortune at that time. It took 3 weeks of my summer job to save up for it.  That card was the best there was at the time and was well worth the money 3D graphics card were only taking off around that time. I remember loving the game “G-Police” and “Actua Soccer 2” which came free with it. Many a good time was had with tha graphics card and games.

Nowadays its so different the graphics cards are way more powerful but go out of date so fast due to newer cards being made and huge advances in technology which of course is a good thing but its very hard to keep up. One the things about having a console is the fact that you dont need to upgrade like the PC but of course you dont get the best “looking graphics”. When i play any game on the Xbox360 i cant help but wonder “This would look so much better on the PC”.

I did buy a console for one game and that was Grand Theft Auto 4 and it was well worth it. Rockstar games are making a A PC version for november release which im looking forward to, so i can see how utterly fantastic GTA4 will look on the PC.