Computer Upgrade From Hell-Corsair Hx620 PSU Failure

I normally enjoy upgrading my PC when its time to do so but yesterday just about everything seemed to go wrong. After getting all the parts sorted out and connected up to the power supply and turning it on nothing happened. I thought i had the Front panel power switch connected wrong but it i totaly forgot and missed the fact that the Power Supply fan wasnt spinning.

Anway i continued in a state of complete frustration and failed to realised that the PSU fan not running was a big fucking “Neon SIGN” saying “Hey its the PSU”. I took out each part one by one and eventually after everything was out the bloody thing still would start.

So almost in complete agony after 5 hours on my feet wrecked tired and sweating like a fat geek i thought “Fuck, it must be the PSU”. So i tried out one the old “PSU”‘s i had from “PC World” that was the second one form the same manufacturer that “fracked Up”. When is say “Fracked up” i mean that it was plugged in it just went into a kinda “on-state” that you needed to press the “On Button” for it to work and wouldnt shut down properly.

Anyways i knew then it was the Expensive PSU that was the problem.  Today i just went about getting an RMA on the PSU and well it turns out payed a lot for the PSU, way more than i would normally only due to the fact that the last previous 2 ones i had failed. The PSU as i write is 110 Euro but back in march it was 130-160 Euro.  You would think after spending that kinda money that you get better lifespan than that.

Anyway after 5 hours of complete shitness and sweating and having my nextdoor neighbours throw a party while im trying to fix the bastard thing i got the Motherboard and CPU to work. Bloody Ironic how an PC World PSU could help.