Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Shuts down my PC

After almost 4 months this problem is getting worse and im not sure why but there are others with the exact same issue on reddit.

So far ive tried a lot of various things and nothing seems to work.

Suggestions for various websites that havnt worked;

  • v-sync on in the graphics settings
  • set ‘custom frame limit’ in game to 60 fps see GFX settings
  • turned off the NVIDIA in game overlay
  • shutdown almost everything running in background;
    • steam, Ea Origin,Epic Launcher

I noticed that the last time this happened my CPU’s temp was about 80C! normally its around 70C at full load this may be the cause still have to figure it out

Currently trying

  • disabled Hyper-V
  • disabled Windows 10 fast start up
  • Power settings CPU min state 0%
  • Set max Framerate of Graphics card in the NVIDIA Control Panel to 60fps.
  • Cleaned all Fans in the PC case.
  • changed default sound format to 44100 mhz

Tweaked In-Game settings;

  • AA SMAA 1x
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic filtering: Normal

to try;

  • uninstall Realtek Audio & LAN drivers
  • Reinstall Windows 10

Resources & Links;


PC shuts down while playing from modernwarfare

PC shuts down while playing from modernwarfare