How To Fix: Windows Installer Hangs in Vista 64

windows_vista_logo.pngIve been using Windows Vista 64 since Vista came out and despite the reports of problems with hardware drivers ive found it to be quite stable. Well that was until When i went to install or Uninstall software that uses Vista’s “Windows Installer” where yesterday my PC keep Crashing or hanging. No matter which software it was, if it used “windows installer” it would just hang for over 10 mins.  So then i tryed out various registry repair tools such as Uniblues “Registry Booster” which i must say is quite good.

It also turned out that not only could i not install or uninstall some applications but windows “System Restore” kept failing so i couldnt revert windows back to an earlier time when everything worked. I also was unable to use my backup software “Norton Ghost 14” (which depsite some problems is a lifesaver for PC Problems) and i couldnt even run “chkdsk” (which can fix a corrupted windows drive).

Things we looking bad and i was looking a reinstall which is a nightmare in most cases. So i searched for a solution and most of them didnt as i couldnt do them due to the state of windows. Hard to fix a PC that wont let you;

  • System Restore
  • Run “Check Disk/chkdsk”
  • Restore a backup copy with “Norton Ghost”

This is where a “Multi-Boot” PC comes in handy, as a last ditch attempt i booted my PC into Windows Vista 32bit (which i keep in case hardware doest work, for example TV Cards) and Right clicked on the C: Drive (The drive with the problems i.e Vista 64) and Selected “Properties” then “Tools” and then “Error-Checking”. And Rebooted and hoped for the best.

Windows Ran the Error-Checking Utility “Check Disk chkdsk” and after about 20 mins all was well. So the lesson there is always keep trying. Just posted this in case it helps anyone else in future.

I should add that along the way i foudn a great website for Windows Vista 64 problems and discussion called which is a must for anyone using Windows Vista 64.