Music: Creating Amazing Music with Albeton Live 8

ableton_live7_boxIve found what i think is the most amazing piece of music software ever made. Its called “Ableton Live 8” and its just incredable.I was on youtube one night browsing videos and i found a video that was just incredable which demonstrated the software.

That video is below ive also added a video showing hot to make a trance track from those great folks at the a site which i joined straight away after seeing how superb there tutorials were on youtube, check out there youtube channel on;

Make music with Ableton Live

I love music and thats no understatement, i love all types from rock to dance and trance. Ive always loved to be a Dj or make some kinda of a dance song and this software lets you do that. My two favorite trance artists are “Paul Van Dyk” and “Dj Tiesto” so bearing that in mind i then found another amazing video from a website called the “”. This is an awesome tutorial showing you how-to make a trance track using the instruments in Ableton Live. Of course its not just dance music you can create the skys the limit with this software.

How To Make A Trance Tune – Tutorial 1