Age of Conan:Is still beautiful

Latest Patch:
The latest patch seems to have fixed the previous problems of crashes i mentioned and added a performance boost so the game is running better than ever for me. Ive been getting back into the game and have enjoyed it.

However i encountered my first real “bugs” in the game and it was a bit of a downer. The funny thing is that i had read the chat in the zone where the quests where over the past 2 weeks and people had been saying that its bugged and asking “is enter the pyramid bugged?” and i found for myself that yes in fact they were. So i had to skip them which was a bit disapointing as the reward and XP would have been great.

Level 40 and a mount:
I recently hit level 40 a goal i was trying to hit in the game for the mount but then realised like most other players that i dont have enough gold for it. In game the mount is 3g which seems little but you dont get a lot of money in game and vendoring items is the main source of income at the moment. But that leads another problem the bags you get are ridicously small. The fact that items drop every 3-4 mobs you kill means that you will more often than not leave items you cant pick up of course this leads to the problem of having less gold. Having no mount is quite frustating as the zones in the game are huge and getting from to another is a real pain and becomes a “Suicide run” as you kill yourself to travel across the zone and i do mean that by the way.

Watching players ride around on their mounts (pre-order people got a rhino or mammoth) both of which look really cool is frustrating. I know that to gather that amount of gold is going to take a long time. Someone said in the chat channel that they didnt get their mount till level 50+! Long way to go still with only having 80 Silver at the moment.

The different zones in the game are amazing and the graphics have me running round like a photgrapher taking screenshots all the time heck im even using them for my desktop background. Make no mistake the graphics and sound in this game are top-notch with some of most spectacular scenery ive ever seen in a game. Im going to post some of the amazing screenshots ive collected so you can see for yourself.

So far so good:
So far im still enjoying the game and having a great time exploring around.  The game still feels like an RPG with a chat system but thats to be expected when your a bit of an anti-social outcast  who likes to level and quest by themselves.  Having done all that in WoW questing and finding things out for yourself is still great fun.