Firefox – Must Have Addons

firefox_I love Firefox, the new 3.5 version is much better than previous ones as its much faster with less crashing. Firefox is great because its the only Web Browser i know that says “hey, view thew web your way and dont take no pop-ups or allow any addons to install with asking me first”. But yet still people use IE, im not saying IE ias bad recent versions have come a long way but i still dont trust Microsofts Internet Explorer.

The horror stories where people have lost there World of Warcraft Accounts,Steam Accounts etc are usually down to Internert Explorer and No FireWall and Anti-Virus Software.

So here im listing some of the addons/Extensions i uses with Firefox.


1) AddBlock Plus
Blocks annoying adverts,pop-ups etc.

Blocks Dangerous scripts from running on websites that could potentially damage your PC.

For General Use:

1)Realplayer Browser Record Plugin
For easy Downloading of Youtube Videos. Plus the new RealplayerSP allows you to conver your downloaded videos to your Ipod.PSP,Phone and more.

2) Google Toolbar
For quick links to Gmail and other Google Features.

For quick downloading of Files great for use with GetRight.

4)Scribe Fire:
For quick easy access to posting on your Blog.

This would be number one only yhat it doesnt seem to wrk well for me and just crashes firefox. It keeps a backup of your Bookmarks on the XMarks server.