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Finding that Song with only a few lyrics

For years and i mean years in fact its about 16 years now ive been trying to find a song i seen on “Top of The Pop” around 1996/1997. All i knew from the few minutes i seen it was that;

1) i liked it
2) black and white and a rollercoaster

The only lyrics i could rememeber were something about “going down to [“something”] town. For years i thought it was sparky town,i cant remember the number of times i googled that. Until i tried for what felt like the 100th time at google;
“1990’s song roller coaster black and white”

This ended me up in a page where the poster on a forum was trying to find the same song as me and well it was.

The name of the song was: “Deadly Sins – We Are Going On Down”

And Full Credit goes to this website and user: