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BBC Planet Earth: Amazing Nature – Polar Bear Versus Walrus Colony

I was flicking along through the TV stations the other day on sky and flicked over to see BBC’s Planet Earth. There was a Polar bear attacking a walrus colony. At first i was hoping the Walrus being attacked would be ok and then the said truth of how cruel nature is emerged. This video clip is one of the most amazing clips ive ever seen of nature in action.

How to get the BBC IPlayer to work if your not in the uk

Channel 4’s superb 4OD allows us irish folks to watch all programs on the site while for other reasons the BBC wont allow anyone outside the uk too.

After a bit of research and googling i found and tried a way that does work at least if your in Ireland. Full credit goes to a boards.ie member but heres how to;

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Looked at various ways of doing this, best free way I’ve found for getting iplayer to work:

Step 1: Download and install the latest stable release of Tor using the default options. Run setup and make sure you’re connected to the network. Green onion will appear in system tray if it is working ok.

Step 2: Download and install mgeni, it’s a browser that uses the Tor network to allow you to choose what country you want to route through.

Little bit slow loading webpages (maybe turn off image loading) but video feed is perfect (I’ve only got a 7mb connection). Much easier than messing with foxy proxy or whatever else.

*Doesn’t work for hulu unfortunately

After you get the above software to work wich is easy enough you should be able to watch programs from the BBC site.

GlastonBury: The Doves

I cant tell you how excited ive been since noticing that my favorite band has been playing the UK’s Best Summer Festival of music. They were heading the “John Peel” stage on friday night. And i stayed up, putting everything on hold in order to see them live. And despite me getting the time wrong by one hour as  “Bloc Party” started at 10.30 so, i waited patiently, as my dad sleeps in the sitting room these days due to ill-health, i didnt have long to record and watch the “Doves”, he told me 12.30 was my limit.Despite this i prayed the “doves” would be on soon and at 11.30 on BBC3 (Via BBC2 with the Red Button) they were on and it was the best live gig ive ever seen.

I want to say a huge thanks to my favorite Doves Blog http://dovesmusic.blogspot.com/ for the videos and music from the best night ever. Despite being totaly confused about the way the BBC were showing the Doves, i recorded the best i could. Which Seemed to 45-60 minutes  of “bloc party” then the doves and vice versa. Which i felt was unfair and very confusing on BBC Digital, despite checking many times who was next etc.

The gig was amazing in everyway posable, from the crowds cheering to Jimis interaction. You cant beat “g,g,g,g,glastonbury” as a great feeling for folks being there and him thanking all “you magical fucking people”.Not to mention the Doves played there absolute best tracks that night.


If only Slane in ireland was like this:)

Fore more Doves News Visit: