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The Pixies – Olympia 1st October

pixiesI went to see the Pixies in dublin on thursday the 1st of october with my sister whos a huge fan. I never listened to them once since that day on the bus to dublin where i listened to the “Doolittle” album. And at first play i thought hmm its ok but.. So we got into dublin early and into the Oylmpia at about 8.10 where the support act was some guy singing and drumming loudly.

The atmosphere was electric and there were people there in their 30’s and up. So into the bar for a quick few pints of bulmers in a plastic cup at €5.50 which is a bit expensive but its a concert so what the hell. The bulmers must have been wattered down cause i was drinking them dam fast. So in we went took our seats and the place was packed and sold-out.  This was the second night the Pixies were playing, they were doing three nights.

What followed was something magical and something ill never see again a legendary band playing great songs. Theres a great selection of videos on youtube from the gig so heres the awesomeness you missed.

Heres a review from state.ie;

The Doves Live in Belfast-My First Ever Concert

Ive been a huge fan of this band since about 2002 since i heard the song pounding from their album “The Last Broadcast”. Since then ive bought every album theve released and followed them. The new Album “kingdom of Rust” is awesome and ive been listening to it since it was released.

Some time back in March i was checking out their myspace page and seen the UK Tour Dates and had the idea of going to see them in Belfast. So without thinking about booking the tickets i just said to myself “if i dont book these ill never get to see them live.”, So i booked the tickets got 2 seated for the gig in the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Anyway booking those tickets was the best thing i ever did, the concert was fantastic, it was a small venue about 2000 people max i think and the atmosphere was electric. My sister took some photos and videos on my phone ive posted some below. The Doves were so good that if i could have i would have went down to dublin to see them the next day.

Theres a lesson in all this of course, sometimes thinking about doing something too much means you’ll never do it.

doves161 doves162