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Best of the Worst 3:The “Life” Doctor

lifedoctorThere are many people in this world and there are people like the “Dundalk Demorats Life Doctor” AKA Gary Mc Laughlin. Firstly how this idiot calls himself a “Life Doctor” is beyond me, this complete asshat has no place giving advice to anyone.

If you were to read the utter shite this gobshit tells people its laughable. In fact i have pissed myself laughing at the replies to people contacting him with a problem looking for some help or advice, what he serves in reply is nothing but insults and put downs. Take this example where someone contacts him looking for advice;

I want to follow my dreams of becoming a singer

Dear Gary, first of all, this isn’t just a question. I feel no one understands my feelings or who I am.

I want to be someone that I know can follow my dreams. I’m probably not the first to write in for this. How crazy do I sound?

Sorry but I want to be somebody. How do I get somewhere? How do you follow your dreams? I need to sing and I want to be big
I just need to let everyone know because I’m sure I can do it. My mother reckons I cannot sing at the moment and tells me to

keep it to myself, but I am determined to prove her wrong and show that I can do it. What advice can you give me? Should I cut

her out of my life and follow my dreams?
Katie, 24

Dear Katie, unfortunately for you, I am sad to have to be the one who tells you this, but you are a nobody right now and

chances are, you will probably stay that way unless you cop on.

Writing into my problem page will not make you a somebody either. I mean, God help your mother for having to put up with you.

I read your letter which took me two minutes and already I’m fed up of you.

You have a dream of becoming a singer but the one stumbling block is that you’re a crap singer. Hmmm, bit of a stumbling block

do you not think?

You don’t need to sing in front of Simon Cowell in order for him to tell you that you are a pathetic singer.

Save the flightfare etc, as I will tell you for free. Your rubbish and you have more chance of getting a recording contract

than I of getting my own TV show like my mentor Dr Phil.

So let’s go over your points Katie, you feel no one understands your feelings or who you are. Of course they don’t because

most people are not psychos and demented people like yourself.
You want to be somebody.

That’s great and dreams are a brilliant thing to have. I am all for them and encourage people to have them but it is just a

pity that your dream is rubbish and will never come to fruition.

So move on and think of something different and quit wrecking your mother’s head, and mine for that matter.

As for cutting your mother out of your life. You would not be doing yourself a favour, but you would be doing your mother a

favour as it would finally give her some peace and quiet.

My advice is to reach for that rainbow Katie but in future, if you need any more career advice, please do not email me because

to be honest, I don’t like wasting my time answering to idiots.