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Best of the Worst #2: Dominos Pizza – Food Poisioning

n6657899956_3260Firstly i want to say that Dominos Pizzas are superb. Ive been ordering their Pizza’s for a few months until about a month ago now. I usually get the same order which as 2 portions of garlic bread. Their garlic bread is very tasty just like the pizzas, however the last two orders i made left me with stomach cramps and on the toilet for at least 40 mins.

The first time i put it down to something else i ate however i had not eaten anything other than the Domino’s pizza i had ordered that day. Anyway to cut a long story short i ordered again two weeks later and ate the garlic bread first this time and i had the same symptoms i.e stomach cramps and diarrhea.  Since then ive not ordered from Domino’s and wont be anymore. There is something wrong with their food which i think is the Garlic Bread which is a shame really as its nice Pizza but i don’t want or should have to spend 40 mins in the toilet for eating there food.