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Firefox 3 – Uses Huge amounts of Ram and is slow – Solutions

I love Firefox heck who doest with the fantastic features it has but Firefox 3 is so slow it seems to take ages compared to FireFox 2 and really its just not good enough. Ive tried everything to get it work a bit better, made a new profile etc and did some searching for a solution.

It also seems that Firefox uses a huge amount of ram up to 400mb of ram on my PC and thats not unique according to the searches ive done. Ive found an addon that seems to reduce the crazy amount of ram that Firefox Uses;

AFOM – Memory Recovery & Retention For Firefox

Im using this addon at the moment and it does seem to work even for the latest FireFox version. There are other Tweeks and solutions on the problem and ive listed some of them below.

  1. Firefox Running Slow? Make It Fast Again Without Re-Installation
  2. Is Firefox slow for you? Here’s some tips to try which might speed it up
  3. Firefox slow? Limit history size for speed improvement
  4. This May Help Your Firefox Memory Leak

This page comes up with a FireFox tweek that ive not yet tested but it might just do the trick;

This little fix will move Firefox to your hard drive when you minimize it, and as a result it will take up less than 10MB of memory while minimized. So far, from my experiences with using this today, when you maximize Firefox it will obviously increase the memory usage. However, it does not seem to go back up to the insane amount that it was at before minimizing it. For example, Firefox was at 180MB of memory usage and then I minimized it and after a few seconds I maximized it. After maximizing it and continuing on my routine business it appeared to only have gone up to 60MB. This seems to be a good solution for me right now since I frequently maximize and minimize Firefox anyways.

  • Open Firefox and go to the Address Bar. Type in about:config and then press Enter.
  • Right Click in the page and select New -> Boolean.
  • In the box that pops up enter config.trim_on_minimize. Press Enter.
  • Now select True and then press Enter.
  • Restart Firefox.
  • Firefox – Must Have Addons

    firefox_I love Firefox, the new 3.5 version is much better than previous ones as its much faster with less crashing. Firefox is great because its the only Web Browser i know that says “hey, view thew web your way and dont take no pop-ups or allow any addons to install with asking me first”. But yet still people use IE, im not saying IE ias bad recent versions have come a long way but i still dont trust Microsofts Internet Explorer.

    The horror stories where people have lost there World of Warcraft Accounts,Steam Accounts etc are usually down to Internert Explorer and No FireWall and Anti-Virus Software.

    So here im listing some of the addons/Extensions i uses with Firefox.


    1) AddBlock Plus
    Blocks annoying adverts,pop-ups etc.

    Blocks Dangerous scripts from running on websites that could potentially damage your PC.

    For General Use:

    1)Realplayer Browser Record Plugin
    For easy Downloading of Youtube Videos. Plus the new RealplayerSP allows you to conver your downloaded videos to your Ipod.PSP,Phone and more.

    2) Google Toolbar
    For quick links to Gmail and other Google Features.

    For quick downloading of Files great for use with GetRight.

    4)Scribe Fire:
    For quick easy access to posting on your Blog.

    This would be number one only yhat it doesnt seem to wrk well for me and just crashes firefox. It keeps a backup of your Bookmarks on the XMarks server.