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Best of the Worst #1: Donald Moore

A few years ago i was reading a local paper thats free around town or maybe it was the sun, im not sure but an advert left me stunned, shocked and in stiches laughing. You see this advert was about a man called “Donald Moore”. Now if the photo doesnt scare yeah what he claims to do will shock you. This guy calls himself a “Miracle Healer” in the same fashion to Jesus i imagine. According to his advert Donald Moore can cure every disease,problem and condition known to man except A.I.D.s. Now why he stopped at Aids i dont know but he can even cure your Pet from any problems they have, According to his website he charges a whopping 300 euro for one hour session. A small price to pay for a man that cure anything but Aids.

Have a read at the advert for this guy and see if he can cure you!
donald more advert_600