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I Tunes 9.0.3: New I-Tunes Update Screwed my Music Library?

I loaded up I-Tunes and updated it to  the lastet version (9.03) and when it updated everything, my music library was gone all the playlists i made as well. What the hell kinda shit is this? I detest I-Tunes its far too restrictive and screws the consumer when you buy music.

How the hell do i get my library back, now ill probably have to wipe my I-Pod and start again thanks a fucking lot apple.


Luckily i backed up my PC yesterday with “Symantic Backup Exec System Recovery 2010” which is very useful for keeping a backup of your PC. So i had to copy the old I-Tunes Library File from a few days ago over and its all working now.

Songs that make you feel good 1- Oct 09

chicane-poppihollaAt the moment im listening to the fantastic tune by “Chicane – Poppiholla” which i knew i heard before as its been all over the place recently and it turns out that the Chicane version is a remix of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós from their 2005 album Takk.

“Hoppípolla” ([‘hɔhpiphɔtla], Icelandic for “Jumping into puddles”) is a song by Icelandic band Sigur Rós from their 2005 album Takk….


This song is awesome its the kinda music that makes (me) feel alive etc. Chicane have always been one of those bands that bang out a cool tune once in a while but this is pure awesomeness.

1.) Chicane – Poppiholla

2) John O’Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells – Find Yourself

Theres another great tune i heard on the radio the other day thats almost as good as Chicanes Song but no quite.