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Cakephp 3 Plugin – Changelogs

Ive finally gotten around to releasing this little app i was working on for Cakephp3.  I decided a while ago to abandon Cakephp 2 and go with the new version 3.

Its been a steep learning curve so i wanted to learn as much as i could.  So thats where this app/plugin came in.

The Aim:
The goal of the plugin was to allow a way to simply log tasks, changes or articles about the cakephp project your working on.

If your working on a website/project on your own you need a way to record your changes and tasks so i thought this would be an ideal way to learn and release something. Sure you could do the same with Github and better but i think its better to have something like this integrated into your application.

Screenshot: Version 1






Version 2 Screenshot:





Github & Source:


Creating Plugins

23666Open up your command prompt in your app/bin folder;

enter the command;

//non vendor specified
cake bake plugin ContactManager 

//vendor specified 
cake bake plugin Gmcd/ContactManager

Baking the  controller for your plugin;

//no vendor

cake bake controller --plugin ContactManager Contacts

cake bake controller --plugin Gmcd/ContactManager Contacts

Baking the Model View and Controller:

cake bake all --plugin Gerrymcdonnell/jokes jokes

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