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Xbox 360: E 74 Red Light

It finnally happened after a year and a half and feck all use until the xmas period my Xbox 360 died with a shitty E74 message and 1 red light. No “goodbye” or “wait a sec im dont feel well”, after playing a DVD i got my Dad for Xmas “The fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin” on the dam “console” when i went back to the dashboard i noticed that my avatar was pixalated thinking “oh shit thats not right” i fired up Assassins Creed 2 (which ive been playing over Xmas) and yep same problem, pixelation and then it sank in, this is bad.

So i restart the console and black screen E74 message appears and with one red light on the botton right side. I wouldnt mind but i never really used the Xbox much and onyl got it for GTA 4 back in April 2008. At the time i told myself and a mate of mine “Please let me play and finish GTA4, i dont care if you die after that but please let me play. Having heard all about the problems with the Red Ring of Death and the Xbox 360 i knew the Xbox was dodgy but i thought ok. Having hooked it up the main TV downstairs and put on the HD mode with 1080p the graphics the Xbox 360 was displaying were amazing, Assasins Creed 2 was stunning and GTA 4 looked way better than it did when i was using the VGA cable on my PC’s monitor.

So alas my Xbox lies in a cardboard box as i pack it off to get fixed back to Microsoft, its still in warranty thank god but i feel really disapointed that the console quit on me like that and right during xmas on the break from college and with Assasins Creed 2 being incredable.

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Microsoft retuned the Xbox faster than expected and all is good again and 1 month Xbox Live. I have to say Microsoft are very good at the whole process from collecting it to returning it back just hope it never happens agan.