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Free Essential Software – After Clean Windows install

There are some programs i always install when i first setup a new Windows Installation due to how useful they are here are what i always recommend.

System Utility:

Partition Manager:
A Free Utility for doing everything you need to with Partitions.

Boot Manger:
Need to repair your Boot menu or edit your Dual-Boot options, this is a must have.

Windows 7 USB Tool:
Make your USB stick a bootable device to install Windows 7 or 8.

General Utility:

For Unpacking zip files and rar archives.

For editing text files, for writing Source code its a must have.

Daemon Tools Lite:
Mount and mange your ISO Files.

A great tool that tells you where all your free hard drive space is going.


Video VLC Player:
No messing around with Video Codecs, simple clever and it does eveything from playing video’s to audio to lots more.

Still the best Mp3 Player in my Opinion



SSD Optimization Guide

If you have bought and installed an SSD (Which are roughly 10 times faster) than standard SATA hard drives, there are a few things you should do to make things run better in windows.

1) Sean’s Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs:

This Guide is superb tells you everything you need to do with tutorial videos as well, also a windows 8 Guide.


2) Solid State Drive (SSD) Tweaks for Windows 7


Top 10 Software Programs

Following on from my “Top 10 Games” post i just want to focus on the Top 10 software programs that ive found over the years which i always use on a brand new windows install. Ive had to reinstall Windows Vista so many times in the past few months due to problems (mainly with new hardware, Vista dont seem to like you changing motherboard). Not really in any order as its wouldnt be fair.

Mailwasher Pro
The best solution to get rid of spam emails. Ive two email accounts and i keep getting more and more spam everyday. This program can detect about 99% of all spam emails. An absolutute must knowadays if you want to be able to actually read your good emails.

Another must have program, .rar and .zip files are everywhere these days and this program is a must as it supports both.

Comodo Personal Firewall
A Free Firewall for Windows thats very good at what it does and a must have if you your PC to remain safe on the net

Avast-Anti virus
Some folks have their own choice of Anti-Virus software but ive been using this for years now since i ditched “Norton Anti-Virus”. Its free and its very very good at what it does.

Azeurus / Vuze
If you want to download any torrents these days you need a good Torrent Client and Vuze / Azeures is one of the best.

The best Free Mp3/Media Player software out there, very versatile and very easy to use. Been using this since about forever really it supports a lot of music formats and even video now.

Daemon Tools:
For using ISO Files for any reason this Free program makes it easy. At some point on the internet you will end up with some kind of ISO File (CD/DVD Image) and this is the best solution for using them

Cute FTP:
If you run your own website this is probably the best software to upload files to your FTP site with. Its not free and bit on the expensive side but non the less its superb at what it does.

Nero-Burning ROM:
I was trying to not list commercial software but theres not getting away from the fact that Nero is best program out there for burning ISO’s, making DVD’s and just about everything else.

An absolute must have program, this excellent download manager will make downloading files so much easier. Its feature-packed and simple to use, ive been using this since i logged on to the internet about 10 years ago.