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Team Fortress 2 Sprays

Heres a collection of TF2 Sprays ive made for myself aka “Fuzzy Dunlop” a name i heard on the TV Series “The Wire”. If you wish to use any of them you will need to save them as .BMP files (Bitmap Files) otherwise Steam wont let you use them as a spray paint. I think i have the Photoshop PSD somewhere which i can upload if you wish to edit the source file and add your own TF2 name.

Team Fortress 2 – Is Awesome

team-fortress-2Since i got bored of World of Warcraft after the last huge patch, (well i logged in and seen there was nothing do really apart from one new confusing Battleground) ive been playing Valves Superb Team Fortress 2.

Its a lot of fun with great choice of classes and maps. Ive been mainly playing the one map however CTF_2FORT on the same server for the last couple of months. Now anyone that knows that map knows its a very small compact map that doest give a lot of room to hide or run around especially when the server is a 32 player server.

Ive had some great games on that server and met some great people and some complete assholes of course. Most of the time im an “Engineer” building up my sentry gun and fixing other peoples. Nowadays im anything but an “Engineer”, been playing “Spy” quite a bit at the moment which is great fun if you get lucky and do it right.