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Cakephp Tip #3 – Requesting JSON or XML

The newest version of Cakephp makes it even easier to make a JSON or XML request.

Add the request handler component to your controller;

public $components = array('Paginator','RequestHandler' );

create your action in your controller;

public function testjson() {
$this->set('posts', $this->paginate());
$this->set('_serialize', array('posts'));

To access either the JSON or XML version simply append .json or .xml to the action name;




CakePHP 2 – Tip#1: Display Field instead of ID

Display Field instead of ID:

Whenever CakePHP automagically fetches lists from your tables, it uses the id key for the value and the $displayField for the text.

If your table has a name or title field, CakePHP automatically displays it as the display field. So, either rename the field that you want as your display field (say, candidate_name to just name) or set the $displayField variable in your model:

class Candidate extends AppModel {
    var $displayField = 'candidate_name';