Still want that Chicken Burger

Im not a vegetarian but after watching this..this video shows the horiffic cruelty that chicks go through in a Poultry farm;

Some ninja members of Mercy for Animals “infiltrated” poultry farm Hy-Line North America, in Iowa, and videoed how male chicks — deemed less profitable than females — are systematically killed a few minutes after hatching by putting them on a conveyor belt that tosses them down a meat grinder, alive. Yes, that would be 150,000 male chicks a day. And that’s just for one company.


Youtube Video:

Best of The Worst 5: PC World Dundalk – Are Shit

img_pcworldLet me just say that ive read the experiences of other people about PC World and they aint good.

Ive Never Been in PC World Dundalk since the same shithead who sold me a
Power Supply Refused to refund or replace it when it fucked up on me and
this was the bloke who recommended it. I lost the receipt but the same
guy who sold it to me was saying “he couldnt remember” me buying it
from him. That was 2 years ago and ill never set foot in their shit
dundalk store again.

Ive seen the whole “chaos at the till” as well usually theres nobody
on the till and you stand there looking round like a “twat” waiting for
someone to come at let you leave the shithole shop. Normally you have
to beg or ask to be let out with the stuff you need.

Apologies for the language but i really hate PCWorld.

This post is about a year old but i thought id add to the Best of the Worst List.

Has America lost its mind?

This video shows people protesting out Washington DC but it seems most of the people being interviewed have no idea what there protesting about and for that matter nor do it.
From youtube;

On 9.12.2009, we went to Washington DC to document the Tea Party protests against, well, a lot of things, including health insurance reform, the IRS, abortion, global warming, and our “socialist/communist/fascist/Nazi/Muslim ” president, Barack Obama. Some of them called for a return to McCarthyism, while others called for Glenn Beck to run for office–indeed, it seemed the only thing that everyone agreed on was Fox News.

This NEW LEFT MEDIA film was produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviewer) and Erick Stoll (camera operator).

Eve Online – Hardest MMORPG ever?

eveonlineRecently ive been trying Eve online in the hope to find a new MMO thats actually different from Wow,WAR and that other one A.O.C. The game is basically you build yourself a spaceship and then you go mining,trading or PVP’ing. Sounds interesting well it sorta is until you figure out that the game basically involves long journeys to other systems and a huge learning curve unlike no other game.

Forget how Wow leads you along the way teaching you slowly how the game works with Eve it feels like you need a degree in science or spaceships to figure out how the hell to fit your ship out. The learning curve is so massive compared to Wow that its just baffling. Eve is hardcore no easy mode here, your ships gets destroyed you lose it and get “podded”.

Maybe thats a bit harsh but the game is dull to be honest and very slow. Most of the time in the game is spent staring at the fitting out screen in wonder how the hell am i going to make this fracking ship fly.

Heres a graph of how Eve compares to other MMO’s of course is a joke but its fuuny and not far from the truth.


Best of the Worst #4: Eircom – Blocking Access to the Pirate Bay

eircomI just went to visit the pirate bay website and found a message from eircom telling me that they are blocking access the pirate bay as of july.This is the first time i heard of this so i was a little surprised.



On the 24 July 2009, an Order was made by the High Court requiring eircom to block or otherwise disable access by its subscribers to the website, its related domain names, IP addresses and URLs. The Court was satisfied that on the basis of the evidence presented by the record companies that the PirateBay website is a website that facilitates the exchange of copyrighted sound recordings without the consent of the copyright owners.eircom recognises the legitimate rights of the owners of copyrighted material and believes that individuals who share or download copyrighted material without the authorisation or the permission of the copyright owner are acting illegally.

The Order further provides that should the PirateBay website content be legitimatised in the future, then eircom has liberty to apply to the Court to have the Order vacated and access to the PirateBay website enabled.

eircom in compliance with the Order has agreed that access to the website the, its related domain names, IP addresses and URLs from the eircom network will be blocked indefinitely from the 1st September 2009.

eircom would like to reassure customers that:

  • eircom will not monitor customer’s activities at any stage, nor will it place any monitoring equipment or software on its network in order to facilitate this block.

Of course there are ways around it and one of them i found from which also mentions that other ISP’s in ireland are not as yet going to be restricting access to the torrent bay.

There are a few ways around it by using a proxy or you can use a website such as;

Taken from

“Excerpt from UPC press release:

UPC can confirm it has received a request from solicitors acting on behalf of the Irish divisions of EMI, Warner, Universal and Sony music companies that UPC blocks access to the Pirate Bay website.

This request is separate to ongoing court proceedings between these same companies and UPC with respect to their demand that UPC take certain actions in relation to subscribers allegedly involved in illegal music downloads.

This latest request is apparently further to an unopposed court action between these companies and eircom whereby eircom was ordered to block access to Pirate Bay as of September 1, 2009.

UPC has informed the rightsholders that there is no basis under Irish law requiring an ISP to block access to certain websites and that it will not agree to a request that goes beyond what is currently provided for under Irish law.

See Adrian Weckler’s blog for more details. Eircom have confirmed it to him.”

A quick google got me news that this was announced back in February this year;

Is this the start of eircom stopping people from accessing the internet? It seems that this whole idea is the brainchild of the music industry who seem to have eircom “by the balls”.