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Youtube Movie Channels, you should be watching

I love movies,  so i started to wonder is there anyone on youtube who reviews the good the bad and the ugly movies!

So these are the movie discussion/review channels ive found that are well worth your time.  Got a favorite i didnt mention leave it in the comments!

  1. ralphthemoviemaker
  2. I hate Everything
  3. Oliver Harper:

Movies to look forward too in 2012

The recent set of trailers for movies coming out next year are really amazing. The one that i cant wait to see is the Alien “Prequel” by Ridley Scott called Prometheus. To add to the impressive set of trailers you have the new “Batman Film” and “The Hobbits” by Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson.

I cant remember one good movie during 2011 that i can say was a film of the year. If i was to compile a list of my favorite films of 2011 id be stuck to name any that were good, well not just good i mean “must see” movies like The Lord of the Rings Films and the Alien Movies.

Prometheus Trailor: (due summer 2012)

Batman – The Dark Knight Rises: (due summer 2012)

The Hobbit (Due dec 2012)

Liverpool sign Robbie Keane

Being a liverpool fan i was delighted to see Liverpool sign robbie keane. Hes a great player for ireland and now that he signed for Liverpool its even greater.
He had a great season at Totenham last season. My Two sisters recently bought me a Liverpool jersey and i cant decide if i want Keane on the back or Gerrard its a tough choice.
Hes the only real hope the Republic of ireland has goal scoring but hes a proven goal scorer.

Im so proud to know that An irish footballer has joined Liverpool.