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Youtube Game documentary channels

Youtube is packed with great gaming channels but recently ive found that gaming documentary or analysis is more my cup of tea.

Luckily ive found that there are some really great channels that have that covered here are a few of my personel recomendations.

Noah Caldwell-Gervais


Joseph Anderson


Luke Stephens






RIP Total Biscuit

This guy was the first “youtube” celeb i heard of back when Wow was  huge, around 2006 id guess.

He was one the first people i followed over to youtube from his podcasts about Word of Warcraft.  I remember when i got into World of Warcraft i used to listen to his “Blue Please” podcasts.  He had a fantastic passion for talking about games with his “WTF is ” series.  He was a great gamer consumer advocate.

When a games company did something underhanded he called them out and i salute him for every thing he did.

Below he chats with Etan and Hila from H3H3 Productions on youtube about cancer and its well worth a watch.  This man’s attitude to the fight he had was remarkable.


RIP John Bain aka Total Biscuit

Help his wife gemma by donating here to the offical fund;

Many of you know the incredible TotalBiscuit aka John Bain.  Many of you also know that he’s been publicly fighting cancer for the last 4 years and recently passed from that fight.

John has had an incredible game’s media career that spans at least 13 years.  During that time he’s covered countless games including World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 and it would be pretty hard to make a full list of games he’s supported.  He was a journalist, entertainer, critic, philanthropist, and general good dude.  And he was one of the best.

In this career there are no medical plans, no retirement funds, and no golden parachutes.  The financial resources available are limited to the support of viewers and advertisers.  John’s family Genna & Orion are faced with short and long term challenges around housing, living expenses, income security, medical care, and the special needs of Orion (their son).

Please join me in supporting Genna and Orion in this very trying time to help take one burden off their shoulders.

Note: I have personally talked to Genna.  She knows and is very appreciative of anyone showing their support.  Genna is the only person who can withdrawl from this gofundme.

Note to streamers: If you’re looking to support the family, you can use this campaign if you want to raise money and have it go directly to them.


Youtube Movie Channels, you should be watching

I love movies,  so i started to wonder is there anyone on youtube who reviews the good the bad and the ugly movies!

So these are the movie discussion/review channels ive found that are well worth your time.  Got a favorite i didnt mention leave it in the comments!

  1. ralphthemoviemaker
  2. I hate Everything
  3. Oliver Harper:

The two Best Posters on Youtube?

youtube200wFor many weeks ive been thinking about who are my favorite people to visit on youtube, now im not a youtube addict but one guy on there well two have made me keep checking my subcriptions videos to see if they have added a new video recently and theres only one winner here and its only cause i just die laughing each time at his videos.

I feel like crap for saying this because the other “poster” was somebody i was following for a lot longer. Ive no idea what weird search on youtube lead me to either of these two dudes but heck im glad my brain did.

Before you even mention that complete fucktard “Fred”, im sorry thats not funny at all, at my age, at your age, heck at any age. If you ever meet this YT’er please do to him, wellever you see fit.

Anyways the two best posters in my opinion are;

1) Ray William Johnson
this guys is brilliant he starts out by showing a viral video, you know one of those videos that goes around the web thats usually of somebody falling or doing something stupid and he just makes funny observations on it simple and as funny as that.

2) SxePhil
Almost the same idea as above with a bit more focus on current events and news stories while just about the same amount of funny observations.