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Msfs 2020 – Create your own liveries & scenary tutorials

Flight Sim 2020 is a huge improvement in the Flight Sim series but one of the best things about is that you can create your own content! There are many ways from using the SDK to creating your own liveries. So i thought id post a collection of videos and tutorials ive found usefull

Liveries- Creating Your Own:
Heres are a few videos on how to create your own liveries with full instructions, its requires some photoshop skills.

Photoshop/Gimp Method:
This method is by far the easier in my opinion as the blender painting method can get tricky.

3D Painting with Blender:
Really depends on your skills with Blender in my opinion.

Video1: how to paint liverys easier with Blender
Video2: Another Tutorial on Blender
Vid3: Shorter Video from the author of the import plugin for blender

How to create a free SSL cert for your website

One of the most annoying things about having a website is the fact that you have to pay for an SSL cert and that its an extra it shouldnt be.

I dont need an SSL cert!
100% true this website is only a blog but googles chrome browser no will start warning about sites not having an SSL cert and seriously fuck google for that.

Create and install a Free SSL cert for your website with ZeroSSL in the following video.  Its fairly simple and quick to do.


Creating Plugins

23666Open up your command prompt in your app/bin folder;

enter the command;

//non vendor specified
cake bake plugin ContactManager 

//vendor specified 
cake bake plugin Gmcd/ContactManager

Baking the  controller for your plugin;

//no vendor

cake bake controller --plugin ContactManager Contacts

cake bake controller --plugin Gmcd/ContactManager Contacts

Baking the Model View and Controller:

cake bake all --plugin Gerrymcdonnell/jokes jokes

Read more here:

Cakephp3 How to pass a variable to an element

cake-logoSometimes its very handy to pass a variable to an Element in Cakephp3.

This allows you to customize the element if needed;
To do so simply;

in your view file;

echo $this->element('helpbox', [
    "helptext" => "Oh, this text is very helpful."

What does it do?
This will load the element called “helpbox” and pass the value “Oh, this text is very helpful.” to the variable called “helptext” in the element.

CakePHP3 Book:

Cakephp 2.0 Tip# 14 File Uploads


Firstly you need to install the Plugin;

In the Model of the object you want to allow uploads to(eg User,Product) add;


public $actsAs = array(
        'Upload.Upload' => array(


In the View Form of this action add;

Form->create('User', array('type' => 'file')); ?>
Form->input('picture',array('type' => 'file','accept'=>'image/*')); ?>
Form->end(__('Submit')); ?>

CakePhp tip #5: Joining two fields to create one

Joining two fields to create one (eg to get somebodys name by combining firstname and surname)


You need to create a “VirtualField” in the model;

 public $virtualFields = array('fullname' => 'concat(Patient.firstname, "-", patient.surname)');

Then in your controller, to get a drop downlist;

 $patients = $this->Exercise->Patient->find('list',array('fields'=>array('fullname')));

Credit to:

Notepad++ Enable CakePhp .ctp Files

If you are writing code in Notepad++ and using Cakephp youll notice it doesnt highlight .ctp files (CakePhp View Files).

You can fix this quite easily by;



Open teh file called; langs.xml

Scroll down till you see;

  <Language name=”html” ext=”html htm shtml shtm xhtml hta”

Add ctp to the end of it;

<Language name=”html” ext=”html htm shtml shtm xhtml hta ctp”

Save it and reopn Notepad++ your .ctp files should now render correctly.

How to get the BBC IPlayer to work if your not in the uk

Channel 4’s superb 4OD allows us irish folks to watch all programs on the site while for other reasons the BBC wont allow anyone outside the uk too.

After a bit of research and googling i found and tried a way that does work at least if your in Ireland. Full credit goes to a boards.ie member but heres how to;

Originally Posted by joeyamg View Post
Looked at various ways of doing this, best free way I’ve found for getting iplayer to work:

Step 1: Download and install the latest stable release of Tor using the default options. Run setup and make sure you’re connected to the network. Green onion will appear in system tray if it is working ok.

Step 2: Download and install mgeni, it’s a browser that uses the Tor network to allow you to choose what country you want to route through.

Little bit slow loading webpages (maybe turn off image loading) but video feed is perfect (I’ve only got a 7mb connection). Much easier than messing with foxy proxy or whatever else.

*Doesn’t work for hulu unfortunately

After you get the above software to work wich is easy enough you should be able to watch programs from the BBC site.