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Best First Comment Ever?

I feel so honored to be the first comment. All of my hardwork and dedication has paid off. Getting the top comment has been a dream of mine for many years, and I would like to thank those who have helped me along the way.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity. I want to thank my cat, Bruce, for always there for me. I would also like to thank him for surviving against all odds for over a week. Next, I would like to thank the squirrel that lives in my backyard for my one baby tree because that gives me inspiration that I need to get through the day.

This is a special moment in my life and I would like to thank any of my unmentioned friends and family that have helped me along the way. This moment will be a moment that i will never forget. I just remembered a few other people I would like to thank; facebook, deviantart, youtube, my new wonderful and beautiful girlfriend, the light in my room (because I wouldn’t be able to see the keyboard without it), the internet, my house (because without it I would be homeless), and last but not least: I would like to thank all the people out there that actually took time out of their day to read this. I cannot stress how much of a big deal to me this is. I have been trying to be the first comment on a post for years, but that has not been possible until this amazing day. Hopefully my good luck will continue, but this is undoubtedly a rare occasion. If you asked me how I did this, I would say, you can achieve anything you set your mind on. To all the kids out there reading this, I would like to tell them to follow their dreams. Being the top comment is amazing, thank you everyone.

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