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How to create a free SSL cert for your website

One of the most annoying things about having a website is the fact that you have to pay for an SSL cert and that its an extra it shouldnt be.

I dont need an SSL cert!
100% true this website is only a blog but googles chrome browser no will start warning about sites not having an SSL cert and seriously fuck google for that.

Create and install a Free SSL cert for your website with ZeroSSL in the following video.  Its fairly simple and quick to do.


CakePhp 2 Tip #11- Force SSL Connection


In your app Controller add;

class AppController extends AppController {

    public $components = array('Security');

    public function beforeFilter() {
        if (isset($this->params['admin'])) {
            $this->Security->blackHoleCallback = 'forceSSL';

    public function forceSSL() {
        return $this->redirect('https://' . env('SERVER_NAME') . $this->here);

More info: