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The Doves are Back!

Doves Kingdom of Rust
Doves Kingdom of Rust

One of my favorite bands ever have realised two new songs from there upcoming “Kingdom of Rust”. The First song is the new single Called “Kingdom of Rust” and its fantastic the other song is called “Jetstream” a Free Download available from the doves website. Both songs are brilliant and if you like music you are bound to love the doves.

The Album doest come out until the 6th of april and i cant wait for it. Forget U2 coming up with the same old sound again with their new Album and usual Over-the-top Hype and Bonos huge Ego.

Official Site:

Coldplays – Viva La Vida, New Album is out

coldplayalbumcov.jpgIve been a huge coldplay fan since i heard there first single way back in 2000 called “Yellow”. I was struck how such a song with simple lyrics and acoustic guitar intro and video of chris martin walking along a beech could sound so great and fresh at the same time.

Around that time there was only Oasis and few other bands doing the rounds as the whole Dance Music scene took off. But Coldplay were a breath of fresh air and remain to be so.

Their last album X&Y was great with some fantastic songs on it, an album that reminds of going to work in the morning on my bike back in 2006. Played it non stop for about 2 weeks.

Their new album came out yesterday but was leaked on the net about 2 weeks ago i believe. After grabbing it from I-Tunes ive yet to listen to it in full. So expect a mini-review of each track soon.

In the mean time you can read RTE’s review of it at;


I-Tunes Album Review:

1) Vida la vida:
A Great Triumphant anthem that builds up nicely to sort of heavenly euphoric chorus. The violins make it sound sweet and uplifting.

2)Life In Technicolor:
Is an instrumental track that starts out slow then has a kinda indian drums and guitar riff building up into something quite uplifing.

3) Cemeteries of London:
Starts out kinda slow and feels sad then builds up into that familar Coldplay sound with the Acoustic guitar in the background and electric echoing out solos.

4) Lost!:
Using church organs to start out with a drum loop makes it feel “disorientating”, feels like a “Album Filler Track”.

5) 42
Minor piano chords give away the area this song is heading in with sad lyrics about about death for the first 1min 30 of the track, it then takes a U Turn with an electric guitar kicking in playing over drums and then ends up back in familar Coldplay territory and back again to the start. Strange song.

6)Lovers In Japan / Reign of Love
An up-tempo start and feel good factor kicking in, builds up nicely into a feel good song.

Has an Arabian sound to it but doesnt seem special

8)Chinese Sleep Chant
Distorted guitar riff loops over drums while chris martin whispers over the track. This song is a bit of a “Grower” a couple of listens

9) violet hill
There 2nd single from the album is fairly soild and typical coldplay but annoying guitar chord change seems to un-balance the song a bit.

10) Strawberry Swing
Another guitar riff almost silent in the background plays over the song as chris sings softly for the first two mins where the acoustic guitar comes to forefront and the song feels like a sort of day dream love song.

11) Death and All His Friends:
Sad slow intro start with a mellow piano playing and mute electric guitar echoing in the background. Then the piano kicks in strongly and then the song really starts to build up into a chorus of chris martin singing hits. I expected a “Fix you” like chorus here but it was cut short.

12)The Escapist
Instrumental nothing really to say.

13) Lost?
Not sure the difference between this verison of the song and the other at the moment

14) Lovers in japan(Acoustic)
Acoustic and still great.




I-Tunes Sucks, admit it!

itunes-button-logo-300×300.jpgI hate I-Tunes and i hate buying music from itunes not becausei could get ir for free if i looked hard enough i want my music that i pay for in the Mp3 format and without DRM protection which music you buy from I-Tunes has. Usually the music you buy is in the (.m4p) format, a protected Mp4 file. Which means you cant use it on anything other than I-Tunes and your I-pod.

MP4-Protected I-Tunes Music Format:
This sucks make no mistake about it, i have an I-pod and its great but i hate I-Tunes and i hate music that you buy thats got DRM (Digital Rights Management). However there is a few ways around this if your determined to get the music you bought on your other Mp3 player which doesnt support M4P. I recently went about finding out how i could do this as i wanted to use the music i bought from itunes in my own music library software which only plays Mp3 files. This method is quite messy and very frustating to do but it does the job.

Basically it involves “Burning” a Audio Cd in I-Tunes to a virtual CD-Burner which then converts the Audio tracks to Mp3 sounds complicted and it is slightly. The software is called “NoteBurner” and its quite good at what it does.

M4A – Unprotected I-tunes Music Format:
If the music you bought has this format then you can use some software to convert the music to mp3 quite easilily, check out “m4a-to-mp3-converter” from maniactools.com