Send Form data with ajax to cakephp controller

23666The following example shows how to submit a form with AJAX to a Cakephp controller;

Jquery Javascript Funtion;

CakePHP 3 Form:


Cakephp3 Ajax data submission example

23666How to create a javascript function to send a AJAX request to your cakePHP controller action;



Cakephp controller action;


Fixing the Add action in your controller to save the user_id

23666One of the key things youll do with cakephp is to ensure that when your saving data that the user logged in owns thats you save their user_id as well.

the simpliest way to do this is with one line of code added to your add action;

Sample Code from a Controller called Joke;


Creating Plugins

23666Open up your command prompt in your app/bin folder;

enter the command;

Baking the  controller for your plugin;

Baking the Model View and Controller:

Read more here:

Cakephp 3 Load a Plugin’s Helper on the Fly

23666If you need to load a plugin’s helper in a view or a page;

Plugin name:

Helper Namespace:


Cakephp3 make a field unique

23666To do this, simple open your table model file and add the following;