Mafia Nicknames

946asopranos-posters.jpgWas reading an article on a cool blog i found by accident about mafia nicknames.

US and Italian authorities launched a massive operation against the New York and Sicilian Mafia Thursday, arresting more than 80 suspects in a sweep described as a major blow against organized crime.

Prosecutors in New York unveiled a 170-page indictment against 62 individuals detailing murder, racketeering, loan sharking, conspiracy, drugs and extortion charges for crimes going back as far as the 1970s.

The sweep netted 61 alleged members of three of the five families that run the Mafia in New York — the Gambino, Genovese, and Bonanno families.

Among those facing charges were top Gambino leaders including acting boss John D’Amico, also known as “Jackie the Nose,” acting underboss Domenico “The Greaseball” Cefalu and consigliere Joseph “Miserable” Corozzo

“Jackie the Nose” is such a funny name i cant get my head around that one. So i did a quick google and i found some more, none of them beat “jackie the Nose”

Willie Alderman “Ice Pick”
Anthony Joseph Accardo “Joe Batters, Big Tuna”
Johnny Masiello “Gentleman”
John Gotti “The Dapper Don”,”The Teflon Don”,”Mr. Untouchable”
Giussepe Masseria “Joe the Boss”
Anthony Casso “Gas Pipe”
Phillip Cestaro “Philly Broadway”
Vincent Gigante “The Chin”
Michael Coppola “Trigger Mike”
Anthony Corallo “Tony Ducks”
Michael Falciano “The Falcon”
Carmine Fatico “Charlie Wags”
Ralphie Galione “Wigs”
Joseph Gioelli “Joe Jelly”
Frank Guidice “Frankie the Beard”