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Music: Making Dance Music

Ive always loved music and Trance/Dance music is my favorite genre of music because it can just make you feel great sometimes. Ever since i first heard songs like;

  • Moby – Go
  • Paul van Dyk – for an Angel
  • Des Mitchel – Welcome to the dance

Ive always wanted to make my own songs, these days its possable thanks to the huge range of software out there such as Ableton Live,Pro Tools,FL Loops,Reason and more. So ive started looking into how you make and arrange a Trance song. Its not as easy as it sounds as theres quite a bit of work and effort involved its true that with the powerful range of DAW’s (Digital Audio Work Stations) out there its a task made slighly easier.

How to make a Trance Tune: A Collection of links ive found to help;

  1. Understanding Basic Trance Structure
  2. How to Make Trance Music
  3. Trance Song Structure: How Is A Typical Trance Song Built ? How Does It Progress ?