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Fuck Apple and I-Tunes!

Today i was searching my Music libaray and i realised that something was wrong, i didnt quite know at the time but then i remember that Current Operating system i was runing (ive got 3 setup) didnt have the “Coldplay” album i had bought from I-Tunes 5 months ago. After searching i found the album but of course the files i found where “.m4p” i.e they were “protected Mp4” music files so i couldnt have them in the Mp3 format.

I only wanted to listen to the music i legally bought online with my money  but it wasnt to be, so fuck Apple and fuck I-Tunes i hate them both with such a passion. So now im stuck with 12 “.MP4” Files that i cant listen too in anything but apples “Quicktime” and “I-Tunes”.