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How to get VR mod working in GTA V Steam

Update GTAV:
if there is an update.  There doesnt seem to be a way to stop the game from updating itself sadly.

Downgrade GTA V Version:
In order to get the mod to work we need to downgrade the game to a version that worked with the mod before as newer version do not work the mod.

The below video has a link to a GTA V 1.0.262161.1 archive that has the files you need to downgrade.

Video Guide;

Then we can downgrade the game version to work with the mod.

Install LukeRoss VR Mod v7

install script hook

Install IntegrityCheckBypass;

Every time GTA V is updated it will break the VR mod and you will have to redo this process. Ensure you are using the mod in story mod and NOT online mod.