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Best of the worst #6:Matthews coaches Passengers

matthewsbusI dont often use Matthews coaches as i prefer the train but since that accident with the bridge and the fact that trains between dundalk and dublin are not working there was no choice other than to take matthews coaches to dublin to get to “the Pixies” concert on thursday night.

It didnt help that having ordered a taxi from 1.30 took almost 25 mins to arrive which wasnt great as we were trying to catch the 2 o’ clock bus. But by some miracle the taxi driver managed to get us there with about 1 minute to spare outside the DKIT.

Anyways while on the bus i decided that i would give “The Pixies” a listen as i never heard them before and had the “Doolittle” album on my i-pod which they were going to be playing later in in the Olympia. A nice confortable journey was interupted about 10 mins near the end when the lady in front of me complained that i had my I-pod too loud. Now it wasnt that she gave out to me, there are signs up on the bus saying to be considerate to other passengers but rather the way she growled at me. I said to her;
“I didnt think it was that loud…” and turned it down.

Anways this sort of thing is common on Matthews buses from what i hear so youve been warned:p