Windows 7 – is it worth it?

500x_win-7-guide-headLifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7:
This is a dam awesome guide on just about everything you wanted to know about Windows 7 its a must read.


windows 7 vs Vista and CP – Gaming Benchmarks:
Heres another article that shows benchmarks between the 2 Windows Os’s and basically says that windows 7 is better than Vista. The benchmarks show a tiny difference but i using Windows 7 myself it sure does seem a little faster;


Windows 7 on multicore: How much faster?
Is Windows 7 better with multicore Processors well not quite but a little seems to be the answer.


Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 – PC gets no Dedicated Servers = Huge uproar.

cod68Its been confirmed that the PC Version of MW2 will not get dedicated servers instead some crappy matchmaking service. This sounds crap and indeed its caused a huge fuss with us picky PC Gamers leading to a petition against this move which is at 130,000 signatures so far. Not only this but the amount of people who are not going to buy the game and have cancled there pre-order is quite large.

I signed the petition but i doubt it will have any effect lets hope it will as playing on a dedicated server is what PC gaming is all about and the addition of mods is also a great extra us PC Gamers get.

You can sign the petition here;

More discussion about this below;

Hitler cancels his MW2 Order, this is quite funny and very true;

Arma 2:The only PC Game to push it to the limits?

arma2-03Arma 2 seems to me to be the only PC Game at the moment that really pushes a PC’s gaming performance to the max.The game is amazing when its in full detail but is a total nightmare to get any kind of decent performance from. I still have yet to finish the game as i just cant play it on the normal settings as it looks terrable however cranking up the detail slows the framerate down and your left chasing the Frame Rate Vs Visual Quality.

Its not been since Crysis or maybe Flight Sim 10 that its been hard to get a game running right and look its best. In Arma 2’s case it seems that im not alone in getting bad performance from the game. I was reading many posts on the Bohemia Arma 2 forums about Arma 2 and most people have the same issues i have.

The game seems to have huge problems loading textures and other stuff on the screen when you play, which leaves you looking a trees suddenly apearing and grass just loading before your eyes which totaly ruins any emersion or reailty when your playing the game. There is general theory that Arma 2 is just not optimised properly for the PC which seems to be true from what ive read.

I read a post on the BIS forums from somebody who had a brand new ATI 5870 (Best GFX Card you can buy at the moment) and the game was still running poorly.

Which is just shocking, however there seems to be a theory going round the Arma2 forums that the game is having problems loading data from the hard disk and thus the “poping” or “slowdown” occuring.

My own PC Specs:
AMD Phenom 9850 BE quadcore
4 gig DDR 2 Ram
ATI Radeon 4870 512mb
Windows Vista 64 bit

Here’s how I got ARMA2 to perform smoothly (high fps, no stutter, no LOD trashing)
A thread discussing possable solutions to improve Arma 2’s performance.

ArmA 2 I/O analysis results
How Arma 2 manages loading and saving Data to the hard drive.

FIFA 10: Horrible graphics but also playable on aged PCs

fifa11Interesting article on EA didnt bother to update the PC version’s graphics this time around.
Every fall, the gaming market is hit with updated versions of the football classics FIFA and PES. Since FIFA 10 will be released about three weeks earlier than PES 2010 it has to pass our graphics and performance test first.
EA presents its annual update of the popular football game FIFA 10. It has already been known that the PC version of FIFA 10 will have the same graphics as FIFA 09 whereas the console version gets visually updated. EA justifies this step with the unbalanced performances of different PCs. This statement in mind we cannot expect worldshaking graphics. How FIFA looks like and on which PCs FIFA 10 is playable will be shown below.

Team Fortress 2 Sprays

Heres a collection of TF2 Sprays ive made for myself aka “Fuzzy Dunlop” a name i heard on the TV Series “The Wire”. If you wish to use any of them you will need to save them as .BMP files (Bitmap Files) otherwise Steam wont let you use them as a spray paint. I think i have the Photoshop PSD somewhere which i can upload if you wish to edit the source file and add your own TF2 name.