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BBC Planet Earth: Amazing Nature – Polar Bear Versus Walrus Colony

I was flicking along through the TV stations the other day on sky and flicked over to see BBC’s Planet Earth. There was a Polar bear attacking a walrus colony. At first i was hoping the Walrus being attacked would be ok and then the said truth of how cruel nature is emerged. This video clip is one of the most amazing clips ive ever seen of nature in action.

Best Tv Cop Show Possably Ever? The Wire

ep57_officers_506_01I love Cop shows, from the Bill to NYPD blue (which i love) to Law and Order Etc, i just love the idea of the good guys geting the bad guys.

Anway i was on some website a few months ago that kept mentioning “the wire” as a great show. At the time i loved “NYPD Blue” so it probably was something to do with this. So i ordered The DVD’s from Amazon and from the first episode the show was awesome. Maybe not as great as “NYPD Blue” but at least 2nd to that show.

The show ive seen was criticzied in the british press due to its “language” and reviewers not knowing what was said half the time.

Its kinda funny, the show is set in Baltimore,Maryland in the US, which is near a town we dont get to see called “Dundalk” which is where i live. From the TV show it gives the impression that this town is a Drug invested sewer, luckily the same town in ireland is not the same.

Not to mention that  two of shows characters came up with the name of a “fake infornmant” which they called “fuzzy dunlop” a name which made me laugh and that i use for some online games such as Valves Team Fortress 2. The main character of the show is a Detective by the name of “Mc Nulty” whos is an Irish-American Drunk with a good heart. The VEry Last episode in the 5 Series leaves “mc Nulty” in a Coffin and this great tune from the “Pogues”;