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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is it Any good? – Part 1

Ive been playing the new expansion since the release date and i cant shake the feeling that this expansion is World of Warcrafts worst one yet. For all Blizzard have  done in the new expansion it seems they have finally run out of ideas.

New Features:

  • New Level cap at 85
  • Two new Races: Worgen and Goblin
  • 5 New Quest Zones
  • One new Proffession: Archelogy
  • New Dungeons and Raids
  • Guild Leveling System (Which seems to favour large guilds)
  • The old Wow World is totaly changed
  • You can now fly around Azeroth! (Took Blizzard almost 4 years to finally add)
  • 1000’s of new quests
  • Improved Graphics, water is now shiny and finnaly textures get an overhaul.

In fact to be bloody honest its the same thing as the last two expansions except its more colourful and with bigger numbers!

“Bigger Numbers” i hear you ask, i mean Players Health and attacks are simply bigger numbers. Theres still the same game mechanics as always;

  • level up, Quest or do Dungeons
  • Hit the max level (85) and wonder what the hell to do now?
  • Repeat Dungeons over and over to gear up and gain reputation with various factions.
  • See nothing much has changed, this has been done to death in the last expansion.

Reasons the Expansion has left me Dissapointed:

Guild Leveling:
Is a great idea basically you get “Perks” that can boost the XP you get or the “Reputation gains” you get from doing quests or dungeons. But it seems to favour large guilds, small social guilds will take much longer to gain those perks and while there not a necessity they are nice to have.

Same oul shit:
Theres still the same thing when you hit the level cap, the problem of gearing up to do dungeons. Running instances is fun but theres a point where you simply “burn out” and say enough is enough and simply cant be bothered anymore. This happened in WOTLK, Heroic Dungeons were a bit of a joke compared to how Blizzard made heroic dungeons in the first expansion “The Burning Crusade”. As far as i know at least from what ive read Heroic Dungeons this time around are very tough. But at the end of the day its still the same thing over and over again no matter how Blizzard try to dress it up.

Two new Races:
I mean who the hell cares about this, this is great for new players to the game but not for someone who is fed up of leveling a few alts. Ive quite a few alts and i certainly dont want to go from level 1 to 85 just to have my characters race different. So what has happened is most players have simply payed real money to change their characters race, making Blizzard more money as if they needed any more.

Quests: No Voice Acting in majority of quests:
At lot of the quests have no voice over acting making them dull, boring and simply a click “Accept Quest” and read later monotomy. You would think blizzard could have added a bit more voice acting to the game for some quests, not all quests just to make things a bit more interesting. A minor gripe but still something they could have done better. They did add cut-scenes to some quests which was a nice touch.

Most of the 5 new Quest Zones are Dull:
I hate to admit this but they really are dull, the only zone that strikes you as “wow” is the underwater zone.

Vah’iir Isle:
Amazing zone completly underwater with a ridable seahorse.

Mount Hyal:
Same old typical graphics in here nothing new to see.

Totaly different to any zone in the game which is a good thing but not amazing by any standards.

Egyption pyriamds,yawn.

Twilight Highlands:
Nothing new here.

World of Warcraft – Improving Peformance (fps rate) – Fixed

World of warcraft at times really can perform very badly, its an old game engine and it doest seem to work very well at times. Ive huge problems getting it run smoothly despite having a dam good PC. In raids at times my fps rate just drops to 10 fps or less same in wintergrasp.  The game becomes unplayable and very frustating so i started searching for solutions to try and fix the problem. The main problem seems to be the game cant cope with many players on the screen at the same time and it doesnt seem to handle CPU Cores very well.

First ill list my PC’s Specs;

  • AMD Phenom Black Edition Quad Core 9850
  • ATI Radeon 4870
  • 4 gigs Ram
  • Windows 7 64 bit

I started by turning most of the graphics settings down, some them make a huge difference such as “draw distance”. But nothing thats really going do the job, in fact nothing i tried really helped.

Deleting and reseting all your addons:

After setting the video dettings in wow to low and deleting all my addons and addon settings, my fps in stormwind went up to 100 fps.  I also set the ATI control panel image quality to “High Perfomance”.

Before i did this the fps rate was about 30-40 fps. I did this at a bad time too when there was nobody in any of the major cities so that is probably a huge factor in the fps increase.

Adding back your addons:

I then started to add to my addons back and with the following addons enabled my framerate dropped a little to about 40 – 60 fps average.

  • Xperl Unit Frames
  • Bagnon
  • Titan Panel
  • Outfitter

When i added back Bartender4 i lost about 20 fps, so this addon is causing a huge drop in performance for some reason.


After reading the Wow forums i found this link;


Which is all about trying to improve wow’s performance and its the only thing thats worked for me.  The problem i had seemed to be to do with AMD’s “Cool and Quiet” feature, as when i disabled it wow framerates went up and my PC was way more responsive.  Im able to be dalaran now with out framerates dropping to 4 or 5 fps and wintergrasp is playable. Um getting about 100 fps where before i was getting 30-50, so its a huge improvement.

Wow: Building a Rogue

I first started WOTLK with the aim of changing classes from warlock to rogue. I started leveling my rogue first and got my first and last raid in Naxx 25. I was last on the DPS meters and packed it in, not just the rogue class but raiding and the lock class and i quit wow for a few months. Then i played on another realm with my priest when dual spec hit and was both a Damage maker and healer in a small casual guild. It was good fun but after a while the guild fell apart after people started to leave to join better raid guilds and then i quit wow for about a year.

Since i returned in december Blizzard (account got hacked stuff returned) have done alot to make gearing up a bit easier (i must note specially for casualy players like myself).

From the weekly raid and daily random dungeon you can collect badges if your dedicated enough.  Recently i took the task on of trying to gear up my rogue and its not been easy.

Starting out is the worst and seeing your damage at the bottom of the damage meter is at times very humiliating and very off-putting. So to avoid this i went the PVP route and used all my Stone shards to buy PVP gear so i eventually had the full PVP set. Of course this isnt much good for Dungeons but it was a good start.  I then started random heroics and have had no hassle from anyone about my damage even though it wasnt good or at least didnt look like it was right for the gear i had.

I started out as subtlety spec as i only used to PVP with my rogue and well my DPS was rubbish

Im still working on on it and well as they say, things can only get better.

Rogue Guides:

Here are some of the great guides ive found and been reading as i try to  improve my rogue. My goal here to try and get DPS to where it should for the gear i have.

Rogue Rotation:

Weapon Enchants:

Newbie Rogue WOTLK:


Wow Popular:Gems (find out what Gems others are using)

Gem Guide:

World of Warcraft:Random Heroic Assholes

Its been a while since i played wow and i returned before xmas due to having my account being hacked. Luckily Blizzard gave me everything back on every toon which was awesome. Logging and seeing your toons naked with 13 silver is not something you ever want to happen.

I still dont understand how i got hacked, i know it was a virus designed to steal popular MMO login details but i dont know how thats possable when my account was inactive. Its something i still dont know how your account cant be hacked with your subscription being stopped.

Patch 3.3 Random dungeon Tool

The latest wow patch has added a lot for the casual player like myself and the random cross-realm heroics are so great until once in every few groups you meet complete assholes who will take great pleasure  in pointing out your DPS is lower than the tanks etc. Now ive had a quite a few bad experiences in that matter as i tried to gear up my warlock and you woulndt believe how nasty people can get in a P.U.G printing out DPS meters at you and then calling you a “noob”. When you dont have the gear to be able to do the dam damage you want too.

In every case ive played its been a Druid that was either tanking or healing that was being a complete asshole in this matter. Its not like i stood there afk with follow on and didnt try to do good damage. In almost every case i was polite bit my tongue and tried not to get nasty about it in telling the idiot to “fuck off”. The temptation to say this was unbearable at times but today came a new low. In most cases youll find yourself up against players with better gear and a better “Gear Score” but somehow the assholes in question doesnt even want to know.

While i was on  my alt shadow priest which is dual-specced as  healer and my gear is not great i met yet again another druid tank who commented during a boss fight that i was a noob. When i asked what the heck he/she meant i was told i wasnt targetting the “souls” in the first boss fight in the Ice Crown Citadel Heroic – Forge of Souls. Now i had a good day at college and was just home and was looking forward to getting some badges from the heroic runs using the “random Dungeon Tool”. I replied to the druid tank that;

“Yes i was idiot” – which i was

Now ive had this kinda crap before in heroics as i said above it seems druids think they are much better than every other class and person in the game. The group seemed to pause on the way to the next boss and i said “Come on”. I was there for the two badges you get each day and maybe some loot of it dropped but its no big deal its my alt. When the tank started up again he/she was killing a group of mobs that didnt need to be killed to progress to the next boss. I said;

me: “Why are you killing those we dont need too?”

Druid: “You ever heard of the battered hilt” – (yes of course i have i have it on my warlock (Epic Weapon Quest))

To which i got an answer from the guild mate of the tank;

“If you dont like it you can leave.”

Of course i said nothing and continued to DPS the mobs.

Then things got more and more nasty with both guild members calling me a “Noob”.

Wanting to tell them to go fuck themselves i said calmly;

“Your not in my guild, your opinions dont matter”

Then i put one of the party members on ignore and in 10 seconds i was kicked from the group. So just for talking back to the tank i got booted out and had to re-queue. This sadly is the type of asshole that plays wow, there are many people like this and if a druid is tanking your group watch your back. The number of times this has happened is where my “Gear Score” was at least 600-1000 below the group average is staggering and almost everytime it was a druid being a complete asshole. If theres a lesson to be learned its stand up for yourself and if you see a druid in your group watch yourself if your trying to gear up.

This is not to say that all druids are like this ive met some great druids who just  get on with, this is only my experience and opinion.

If you dont believe the article ive writen check out wow.com for the exact same problems;


The Shit List:

Some of the situations ive been in:

1) The Lootwhore Mage:

The Mage that asked me why i needed on a casters dagger (while on my shadow priest) when it was miles better than the one i had;

Me: “Erm its a casters weapon”

Mage: says nothing

This was after the healer the died and i switched to healing for the second boss in Heroic Pit Of Saron, did anyone thank me or say good job nope. So we get on with the run and get to the end boss who drops a staff which tbh i could have also done with but knowing the mage was another asshole i passed on it only for the mage to need on it when he had better was doing better DPS than me and then to explain when the rogue asked:

Rogue: “lol mage who must be joking”

Mage “Its a casters weapon..”

Of course it didnt matter but it goes to show you who stupid people are.