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Mesner – Black ‘n’ Orange

I cant tell you how long its been since i heard this song, all i can say is that it reminds me of my teenage years in secondary school when a friend of mine was giving out leaflets about this band. He give me a tape of their debut single and it was awesome but i lost the tape and couldnt find anywhere to buy album by the band with this song on it, till a random moment when you “search youtube for songs”.

Best of the worst 7:Taxi Fares

michael-oleary-taxiTaxi prices are currently insanly high at the moment, how can a price of €6 be justified in times like these? How can a taxi into town cost €6? a 5  minute journey. Say you need a taxi to work in the morning and one again in the evening that would be €12 for the day. Now remember you can get a bus to dublin for €12 return.

It just doestnt add up really in the middle of a recession to be charging such high prices. How many times have you seen a line of Taxis going all they way past the courthouse down to the taxi rank line in crowe street not to mention the same line of taxis in Drogheda.

Surely at least a €1 reduction means more fares for the differnet taxi ranks? I know theres some talk about the taxt regulator setting the price of taxis or something but surely the price needs to go down.