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The most relaxing song in the world Scientifically proven – “Marconi Union – Weightless”

The most relaxing song in the world-scientificlaly proven and if your thinking huh well yeah i was too but there are many articles on this track.

Even when you google “relaxing song reduces anxiety stress” you get the same song and its easy to see why.

A new study by US researchers has revealed that playing the “world’s most relaxing song” before surgery could be just as beneficial for calming a patient’s nerves as medication.

Patients in the trial were either given the drug midazolam or played the song “Weightless” by the British ambient band Marconi Union for three minutes, while having an anaesthetic to numb a region of the body.

The song performed well as a sedative in the study of 157 people, although patients said they would have preferred to choose their own music.

“Weightless” was written by the UK band Marconi Union in 2012 specifically to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.

Marconi Union – Weightless




Mesner – Black ‘n’ Orange

I cant tell you how long its been since i heard this song, all i can say is that it reminds me of my teenage years in secondary school when a friend of mine was giving out leaflets about this band. He give me a tape of their debut single and it was awesome but i lost the tape and couldnt find anywhere to buy album by the band with this song on it, till a random moment when you “search youtube for songs”.

I-Tunes – Irish music Madness

Today i went on a downloading spree on I-Tunes (which i hate) and i bought a load of albums. Mainy Irish bands from the 1990s. And it kinda blew me away how much great irish bands there is and was back a few years ago. Bands such as “Something happens”, “The Stunning”,”the Frames”, “Frank and Walters”, “Aslan”,”the Saw doctors”,”Whipping Boy”. Some of their songs id forgotten all about until today.

One of the things that i hate about I-Tunes is;

1) it wont let you preview a song
2) The songs you get are .M4p (Mpeg 4 Protected Files) so you cant uses them on any other device than your I-Pod. (i mean how fucked up is that?)

Ive added some of the great songs by these bands to my video blog site at;