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K.L.F Tribute to Ricard Da Force

KLF were the band in the early 90’s that got me interested in Dance music, there style of music would lead into the music genre called Trance. KLF dared..

The main rapper of KLF and even N-Trance was a Rapper called Ricard Da Force, sadly he died on 8 March 2013.  His voice was all over KLF and N-Trance music.  This guy was the coolest rapper i knew as a kid.

Mesner – Black ‘n’ Orange

I cant tell you how long its been since i heard this song, all i can say is that it reminds me of my teenage years in secondary school when a friend of mine was giving out leaflets about this band. He give me a tape of their debut single and it was awesome but i lost the tape and couldnt find anywhere to buy album by the band with this song on it, till a random moment when you “search youtube for songs”.

Best of 90’s Dance Songs

The 90s had some good songs when i was young I loved dance/trance music, some of it is very cheesy but some of it still is quite good. There are 2 Tunes that stand out the most from the 90’s well from around 1997+ and thats “Moby – Go” and “Chicane – Saltwater(Disco Citizens Remix)

Heres a massive playlist of 90’s Dance Acts that rocked the 90’s;


  • 2 Unlimited
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Alice Deejay
  • Chicane
  • the grid
  • atlantic ocean
  • Sub Sub
  • KLF
  • The Prodigy
  • ATB
  • Sash
  • DJ Quick Silver
  • The Venga Boys
  • Corona
  • Jam and Spoon
  • Cappella
  • Ace of Base
  • Aqua
  • The Chemical brothers
  • and more to come…

Part 1 The best 90’s Dance Songs Embedded PlayList (Note not all songs will play)

Click here for Youtube link;